Pluto Stations, Random Acts of Kindness – Apr 18

Snapshot: Pluto Stations Retrograde at 3:27 am. We receive expansive (Jupiter) clarity (Sun) around our new lifestyle M.O.(Virgo) and our personal path to freedom (Aries). Then an ease (Trine) sets in regarding our FOCUS (Saturn) about our higher consciousness/ global perspective (Sagittarius) and our motivation (Aries) to use our own resources (Venus) to further our perspective.

At 3:27am Pluto at 17:29 Capricorn Stations Retrograde.

For the next few months, we will be reviewing the ways we have used our power in our lives. For each of us, it is very helpful to know which House you have 14:56-17:29 Capricorn in your Natal Chart as this will tell you which area of your life is affected and who the types of players are. All of the players will feel like they are ‘father-like’ or a public authority of some sort. That is Capricorn energy.

Say you are a Cancer Sun or early Cancer Rising, you have Pluto in your 7th House of close friends and partners. You may have had more fights with these people or you feel they are dominating you in less than favorable ways. They ARE in fact, showing you something about the way YOU use your power, or DON’T in relation to your friends and partner. Pluto is trying to get you to take back your own power rather than to surrender it to another.

As Pluto Retrogrades, you will have 2 more tries to learn some deep lessons in this area of life. For people, like me (my Natal Saturn), who have a Planet or point at 15+ Capricorn, this will be the 4th and 5th time Pluto Transits this degree. Wow! Lucky, right? (wink, wink). Pluto Retrograde does lessen the misuse of power by Capricorn entities. They are in a weaker position than they have been since Sep. So this can allow us to catch our breath and take back some of our own sovereignty.

Pluto will Station Direct on Sep 27 at 14:56 Capricorn.

At 9:03am the Sun at 28:55 Aries Ses-Squares Jupiter Retrograde at 13:55 Virgo.

This is an ease that comes after an adjustment has been made. But the adjustment is quite simple with these 2 players involved. The adjustment will be around clarity (Sun) and perspective (Jupiter) on how our personal path to freedom can in fact support our new lifestyle philosophy. It will be worth it to see what needs adjusting to make this philosophy work.

The Sun in Aries is led by initiating (Cardinal) fire energy and the adjustment will be to your actions. You will need to change your perspective so that your instinctual actions (Aries) better align with the ways you will be serving others (Virgo).

At 10:37am Venus at 15:56 Aries Trines Saturn Retrograde at 15:56 Sagittarius.

The intense focus that Saturn has had us working on over the last month is finally letting up a bit as he moves off the 16+ degree where he Stationed Retrograde. And Venus is a bit of Healing here and in a Trine it will all feel so much better for a bit. We can relax, except that there is Aries energies involved and Sagittarius fire as well so we are likely still a bit restless, but more ‘chill’ in our minds.

Saturn in Sagittarius is causing us to look at our philosophy/ies of higher consciousness, optimism, kindness and inclusion to ensure that we ARE applying these ideas in our lives across the board…. you know, not being a hypocrite. Venus in Aries is helping us to shape our desires for personal freedom. This Trine means that we will have actions and desires that easily align with this philosophy of ours. That is a great thing to behold. When 0ur actions align with our higher consciousness, we have ‘christ consciousness.’

Can you see how these 2 energies are playing out in your life? Has your FOCUS from Saturn helped you to refine your perspective of things so that you can bring your living into alignment with this philosophy?

‘Random acts of kindness’ is a very nice way of expressing this Trine today. When you spontaneously act (Aries) to do something good for someone else (Sagittarius), you suddenly realize that this breeds more kindness into our entire world (Sagittarius).

Be sure to find ways to DO this today. It will be so life affirming (Sagittarius/Aries)… the fire of our being here.

NOTE: Angels ARE the domain of Jupiter/Sagittarius whose philosophy and wisdom IS Kindness.

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