Retrogrades and Ease

Snapshot: Very early Sunday morning, we can expect to have some easy and helpful expression between ourselves and someone in authority that we share resources with. We may be negotiating putting up our own resources as collateral for a loan, for instance. Then Mars Stations Retrograde changing up his forward motion energies to be less aggressive while we go over early Sagittarius and late Scorpio degrees again. And on Monday morning, Pluto Stations Retrograde and we review our use of power.

At 5:23am Mercury at 17:29 Taurus Trines Pluto at 17:29 Capricorn.

Mercury just left a Trine to Jupiter on Thursday that created a Grand Earth Trine for the last few days between the 3 Planets all in Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Pluto is stopped dead in the sky preparing for his Retrograde flip at 3:27am on Sunday morning. This is very powerful energy that you have been noticing. Pluto’s Station can be anything BUT easy, like a Trine normally delivers. But thankfully this Trine is assisting as he is Retrograding.

We can expect to hear words around how to manage pulling my resources into a merger with your resources. Or my ‘love’ into a sexual merger with you. Or initiating some structures (Capricorn) that will build on the solid foundations (Taurus) you are putting in your life right now or previously.

For me, Pluto is Transiting my 3rd House local transportation and vehicles, among other things. My car is pretty much dead in the water after another year of winter salt. Mercury rules the 3rd House so for me this aspect is strongly focused on my vehicle situation. As Mercury will be going back over this degree 2 more times as he Retrogrades at the end of the month, I am anticipating the process of acquiring (Taurus rules possessions) to be a process rather than a simple deal. Thankfully Pluto will only have to go over the degree one more time, but will continue sitting that this degree for the next few weeks, too.

Will I secure a loan for a new car? Likely as that is the type of thing Pluto can be known for.  This will be a first for me in many years.

At 8:13am Mars at 8:54 Sagittarius Stations Retrograde.

Mars in Retrograde is usually a weaker energy than when he is Direct. Its not really a ‘review’ as we are just a bit more hesitant to act so quickly. Mars will be Retrograde until June 1st when he will Station Direct at 23:03 Scorpio. So we will be going back over some of the actions we took from Feb 16 til today. With more forethought, hopefully, we can initiate some new philosophical and intimacy situations.

By later Saturday evening, any issues you have with someone in authority that may be misusing it, do take care not to antagonize as the energy is very tense with both of these Planets Stationing. Keep in mind, the Pluto entities are there to force you to take back your own independent sovereignty and you can try to find a way to thank them for this lesson;)

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