A Sprinkle of Magic – Apr 16

Snapshot: As the Sun makes double-magic to the North Node on Saturday night, we can expect some Soulful clarity around your path to freedom and our new lifestyle philosophy (M.O.). Then the 2 Healing Planets make an adjustment to each other from the same 2 Signs as the above aspect adding more healing perspective to our desires and our new lifestyle M.O.

At 7:23pm on Saturday night, the Sun at 27:23 Aries Biquintiles the North Node at 27:23 Virgo.

Here we have clarity around our personal motivations and our Soulful lessons of how to be of better service. The North Node and Jupiter, together in Virgo, are helping us create a Soulful (North Node), new lifestyle (Virgo) perspective/philosophy (Jupiter) that will better serve all of us. Tonight is clarifying around the ways we can pursue our own interests while also serving the collective good.

If you have been working out like a madman (Michael Blewett and all you Aries-types), you will now see magical ways to apply this drive on behalf of others. Or if you have been doing a job that you don’t like at all, you will find how doing more of your own thing will allow the issues to resolve themselves.

At 9:26pm Venus at 14:01 Aries Quincunx Jupiter Retrograde at 14:01 Virgo.

While an adjustment aspect, this one will feel so good when its made. We have the 2 Healing Planets helping us to use the magic above to reach out and touch someone who really needs our service. We will find it easy to approach others with our new lifestyle philosophy and share it with them through our actions.

Here we could have some resources applied to the new ways we desire to be of service. We should be thinking in abundance terms with Jupiter aspecting Venus creating MORE of what we have and bigger actions. Our relating-ships (Venus) will benefit (Jupiter) as well if we do our own thing (Mars) and then see how it serves others (Virgo), too.

Basically, look for the magical clarity and ACT on it;)



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