Practicing Adjustment – Apr 15

Snapshot: As of 2:30pm on Thursday, Mercury enters his impending Retrograde Shadow. On Friday, you may feel a bit of irritation around noontime, but look for some subconscious clarity to see you through it. Friday evening will have us all making an adjustment between our thoughts and our focus regarding our available resources and how to achieve some abundance.

At 12:25pm on Friday, the Sun at 26:08 Aries Semi-Squares Neptune at 11:08 Pisces.

This is some irritation when something doesn’t go as we were expecting. Why is that? Because we still had some residual fear around the issue and manifested that instead. See if you can work through the irritation and save the situation. With Aries energy, we act before we think so this is going to occur before we can stop ourselves. That’s when the Sun’s clarity will be helpful.

At 10:28pm Mercury at 16:01 Taurus Quincunx Saturn Retrograde at 16:01 Sagittarius.

As Mercury is in his Phase 1 Shadow for the upcoming Retrograde cycle, what gets expressed today is up for review over the next 5-6 weeks. This adjustment aspect to Saturn is going to be holding our focus (Saturn) on something we really need to understand (Mercury) that impacts our available resources/beauty/touch/values (Taurus) and fits into our higher consciousness philosophy (Sagittarius).

Saturn is finally leaving 16+ degrees Sagittarius after sitting there for WEEKS! He has really been drilling something into our heads that we need to pay close attention to. Have you figured it out yet? Well, once he leaves this degree, you will probably notice the change and see it.

Just wanted to suggest to those who enjoy these daily posts, that you consider a Personal Transit Report so you can follow what is going on in your own chart as well. I have been trying to work through how best to do Transit Reports now that cover the old 3D aspects in a 5D way and then cover the 5D aspects (which take a lot of time for me to figure out). I will be posting the write-ups for the Quintiles and Biquintiles in the next few days so you can refer to them for yourself. That means I will simply list them in your Transit Report.

I would first suggest that we do a Reading first so I can gauge what your awareness is and know which aspects to include in your Report. Reports are done for a 3-month window. But if you are serious (Saturn) about seeing the big picture (Sagittarius) of your life, you probably need a Daily Transit Report.

For example, as Pluto is stopped in the sky right now, he is in my 3rd House by Sun Sign (I’m a Scorpio Sun). The 3rd House covers cars and vehicles and local transportation. When Pluto first began Conjuncting my Capricorn stellium, I went without a car for 3 years (Pluto death to vehicles). Since 2009 many Scorpios have had big issues with vehicles. Some may have had them repossessed. Mine I just stopped paying for all the monthly repairs and walked away… literally.

But yesterday, as I was waiting for the repair guy to call me to pick up my car to replace the brakes, I was driving a 100 yards from home and heard another sound. Not good… its a 2005 and have already replaced many parts from rust over the last year. Long story short, it isn’t really drivable and not worth repairing.

Because I know the timing of the Planets and have awareness of how they operate, I didn’t really react at all. Yes, I don’t have any plan in sight, but I know that when the Sun and Venus begin to enter Taurus I will have more insight into ways to acquire new resources. Mercury, which rules cars, is going to Retrograde. Pluto is going to Retrograde, too. There are many energies acting to provide me solutions. So I can rest in knowing that something will be there.

Of course, Sagittarius is my 2nd House of earned income by Sun Sign and Saturn has been causing me to focus on that ONE THING for weeks now. But I have long had a philosophy of abundance (Sagittarius 2nd House) that sees me through things. I KNOW the Universe abhors a vacuum and if we don’t go into any fear, that vacuum will be filled… in miraculous ways… Merlin Mind.

So, really, this was the Universe showing me that something new is coming. I should look for it and follow the steps as they present themselves.

A Transit Report helps you to see where those steps are for you and to build your trust in the Universe that all is in perfect order.

Email me if you interested and we’ll start from there:

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