Mercury has Entered his Shadow

At 2:30pm today, what gets said/planned/communicated/thought from now through Apr 28 is up for is up for review once Mercury Stations Retrograde. Then for 3 weeks, Mercury, known for SNAFUS will take us through a time of re-do and review.

In 5D, we don’t follow our Mercury mind so much. Rather we rely on the Higher Mind Planets of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. Still, we live in a reality where Mercury will be wreaking havoc on those that are in 3D and 4D.

How do you know which Dimension you are in? Well, that depends on your response to the various Planetary energies. You can ‘fall’ into 3D whenever you see yourself separate from someone else. Mercury rules Gemini, where Duality and Karma are created.

So watch significant things are you hear and say between now and Apr 28 and see how it gets changed once Mercury Retrogrades. This will show you why you don’t want to trust your conscious/physical mind only.

In 5D, Mercury is merely a lens that allows us to ‘see’ the physical reality our consciousness creates. Get ready to go through the carnival ride of Mercury’s Retrograde cycle.


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