Productive Ease – Apr 12

Summary: Your conscious mind and subconscious mind will work together harmoniously today. You will have clarity around your actions and how you can be grateful for some subconscious wounds you are leaving behind. Male and female energies (men and women or any other combination) are going to be cooking up some chicken soup for the soul today. The rest of the week holds some shifts in energies as Mars  (Apr 17) and Pluto (Apr 18) Retrograde. Mercury enters his impending Shadow Phase (Phase 1) of his Retrograde cycle.

At 5:40am Mercury at 11:02 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 11:02 Pisces.

Anytime we have our lower/conscious/vanity mind working with ease to our subconscious mind, we can expect things to work without SNAFUS. We don’t trip ourselves up so much with this aspect. Mercury in Taurus is thoughts/ideas/communication around your available resources, earning a ‘living’, beauty, etc. This is a very helpful aspect for relating-ships as well. There will be an ease around sensual touch that feels good.

At 5:04am the Sun at 22:56 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 22:56 Pisces.

Here there is continued subconscious assistance to get us up and running on our day in ways that clarify any hesitations we have been having. The Solar Eclipse of Mar 8 had Chiron Conjunct the Sun and Moon and that has been a less-than-stellar kick-start to the Rapid Change, Fresh Start of a Solar Eclipse. Something in our subconscious has been holding us back from moving on that fresh start that should come about in the Virgo areas of our lives: health/fitness, work/job hunt, service/military service, lifestyle/day-to-day activities. The Sun will provide us some clarity on how to begin ACTING to really kick that Solar Eclipse fresh-start into action.

At 3:16pm Venus at 8:46 Aries Trines Mars at 8:46 Sagittarius.

Venus is ruled by Mars as she Transits Aries. Mars is ruled by Jupiter in Sagittarius. So we have some expansive ease between our sexual energies. We EACH have a male/Mars and female/Venus energy in our own charts. We can have ease between these 2 energies within us or without between someone else. Venus is ACTING on some impulses of desire and Mars is pursuing the global good. Whatever you find yourself doing today, it is going to be just what you needed to be doing and the ease will be your proof.

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