Magical, Accountable Expression – Apr 11

There is only one aspect on Monday and it is a double-magic one.

At 3:59pm Mercury at 10:10 Taurus Biquintiles Saturn Retrograde at 16:10 Sagittarius.

Whatever you have been FOCUSING (Saturn) on over the last month, you will now have some magical expression (thoughts or ideas, too) that will show you how this has helped you to build a solid foundation (Taurus and Saturn) for your path forward.

Mercury is not in his Shadow yet, but will be making a Quincunx (adjustment) to Saturn on Friday as his first aspect once he enters his Shadow phase (Phase 1 of the Retrograde cycle). Saturn is in his Retrograde cycle and is reviewing the area of focus you have been looking at so intently.

The expressions you make or hear today will show you a lot of what Saturn wants you to revise in the areas of your life dealing with legal matters, philosophy and spiritual beliefs, higher learning, seniors and mentors as well as foreigners and global perspective (all Sagittarius ideas).

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