Grand Air Trine of 5D Points!… TODAY!

I don’t get to write about the Transiting 5D points very much. Though it may now be the time to begin to write about these more than some other minor Transits… we’ll see!

But around noon today and through most of the day, on Saturday, Transiting Psyche at 25+ degrees Gemini Trines Transiting Black Moon Lillith at 25+ degrees Libra Trine Transiting Pallas Athena Conjunct Transiting Damocles, both at 25+ degrees Aquarius!

As the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus are exacting their double-magic/5D/Biquintile today and Sunday, these 4 5D points are generating LOADS of 5D IDEAS (Air Signs) for us to move into more 5D. All 4 points are Asteroids.

Pysche in Gemini (is where my Natal Psyche is) is helping us to see HOW we created 3D Duality (Sign of the Twins) and move away from that old consciousness.

BML in Libra is helping us to do 5D relating-ships rather than 3D relationships… non-possessive, worry-free, joyful and playful relating.

Pallas Athena in Aquarius is giving us balanced male/female energies around all Uranian type energies: social network, currency and electrical currents (wifi, internet), groups of people, philanthropy, invention, freedom, etc. PA is what I call the ‘Zena, Warrior Princess’ point in a chart… balanced gender or gender neutrality.

Damocles has a very elliptical orbit and stays in Aquarius for almost all of his 41 year orbit. There is a mythological/historical story of Damocles that demonstrates his ‘high anxiety’ when Dionysus hangs a sword hung by a horse hair over his head and tells him that’s what it feels like to be an Emperor. Most of us have our high anxiety in the Sign of Uranus… socialism, mind control, ostracism, tribal banishment, etc. are what many feel can happen with Aquariuan energies. But adding his energies to the mix of the others is helping us to birth NEW ideas (Aquarius/Uranus style) that will move us into this brave, new world of the Era of the Transformers. 

Stay tuned and EXPECT inventive thinking this weekend… the Planets and Asteroids/Minor Planets are aligned for it in a VERY, BIG Way.

I consider the Trine to be a Transitional Aspect that can move the energies easily from 3D or 4D into 5D!!! Catch the WAVE:)

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