The Dark of the Moon

About 2:50am on Wednesday, the Moon ingresses Aries and we enter the Dark of the Moon leading to the New Moon on Thursday morning. With the Moon in the same Sign as the Sun, we begin to align our intuition with our goals and feel our way through the ‘fresh start’ of the New Moon at 18:04 Aries.

At 3:55am the Moon will Conjunct Venus newly in Aries giving us a chance to see how we feel about our new desires. What role will these new desires play in the New Moon which colors our month ahead will be intuited at this time.

The Moon will Trine Mars and Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius giving us some ease around merging our fresh start with the focus of Saturn and motivation of Mars. And the Moon will Quincunx Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo just prior to Saturn giving us some insight into their Square from Mar 23, just prior to the Solar Eclipse.

With the Sun and Moon bathed in the same energies of Aries, we will begin to feel what is ahead and how it all aligns with the other Planetary energies.

Then just prior to the New Moon on Thursday morning, the Sun and Moon will Square Pluto and the Moon will Conjunct Uranus within a few hours of the New Moon. This New Moon will have the loose Uranus Square Pluto (exactly at a 3 degree orb) in the chart bringing up our ‘drastic change’ energy that served us so well from 2012 to 2015. Honestly, I miss those days of writing Astrology because the awareness and internal shifts within us were so profound and acute. Shit CHANGED with these 2 Titans in a Square. From this point on, Uranus and Pluto will separate from this Square for the last time.

As the Moon is making all of these various aspects on Wednesday, Mercury has 2 aspects and the Sun Squares Pluto all before the New Moon exacts at 7:20am on Thursday morning.

At 7:14am Mercury at 0:57 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Venus at 0:57 Aries.

With both Planets fresh in new Signs, this aspect will help us to verbalize the energy shifts and what they will mean to us. Mercury in Taurus is ruled by Venus so there is plenty of energy focused on acquiring resources, beauty and sensual touch. As Taurus is Fixed Earth energy, Mercury’s fiery energy while in Aries is going to feel like he is now in quicksand and unable to easily express himself. He may think to do so more through touch using fewer words. He will be talking about acquisition of all types of things.

At 11:33am Mercury at 1:17 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Retrograde at 16:17 Sagittarius.

This is an adjustment that leads to an ease. Slow to initiate any expression, once Mercury gets set in motion, he will likely express things that Saturn approves of. This will bring the ease. Mercury in Taurus is acting more response-ably than Mercury in Aries. Mercury in Aries was fiery and initiating energy that acted from instinctual drive rather than thought. Taurus isn’t really more thoughtful, but the slower plodding of Taurus energy suits Saturn’s Earthy energy and all goes well. You may find yourself talking about acquiring resources that facilitate your new global philosophy (Sagittarius) that Saturn has you focused on.

At 4:13pm the Sun at 17:27 Aries Squares Pluto at 17:27 Capricorn.

This is some clarity around the ways you or someone else has been using or abusing their perceived authority. The Sun in Aries is motivated around self and not looking to have to answer to any authority, really. But this Square will give us the clarity we need to navigate through any tension with those in perceived authority over us… those we are intimate with, or we use their money (all Pluto things). The Sun will show us why transparency is best applied here. The Sun will be highlighting how the ‘drastic change’ of the Uranus/Pluto Squares has brought us into our own personal sovereignty again. We can manage the authorities because we know their power (Pluto in Capricorn) is waning and our awareness (Uranus) has been received moving us onto our own paths to freedom (Aries).

With this Square in the chart of the New Moon, much of the focus of this New Moon at 18:04 Aries is about PURSUING (Aries) our individual path to freedom (Uranus in Aries) as our authority structures (Capricorn) continue to be transformed (Pluto).

Those early 20-somethings will now have a new roadmap they can begin to follow that moves us into the Vast, Transformational, Change their charts promise for us all.

A New Moon in Aries is all about a fresh start in the ways we initiate action and assert our will in some area of our lives as shown by the House where we have 18:04 Aries.





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