Energy Shifts Get Personal and Creative

On Monday and Tuesday, we have 5 aspects between the Sun, Mercury and Venus to Outer Planets. This makes the energies very personal and yet transpersonal as well (meaning that we will share some of the same feelings from these energies).

At 6:19am on Monday morning (before I wrote this post), the Sun at 15:05 Aries Quincunx Jupiter Retrograde at 15:05 Virgo.

This is clarity (Sun) around making an adjustment (Quincunx) between our personal path to freedom (Aries) and our new work/service (Virgo) philosophy (Jupiter). There may be something in here that adds in a global or foreign element (Jupiter as well).

At 2:10pm Mercury at 27:41 Aries Biquintiles the North Node at 21:41 Virgo.

Here we have some magical (Biquintile) communication/expression (Mercury) that is soulful (North Node) around our own motivations (Aries) and our service to others (Virgo). Mercury met in this same aspect to Jupiter on Apr 1st and now he is getting a Soul-Level check around this new philosophy and his own motivation to serve others. Use the magic to accomplish what you are motivated to do.

At 2:00am on Tuesday morning, Venus at 29:26 Pisces Quintiles Pluto at 17:26 Capricorn.

This is always a wonderful pair of Planets to meet in a easy aspect, but make it a magical one and we have ‘Cinderella’ type attraction and results that can be short-lived, but life changing. Venus in Pisces is on the critical degree of Pisces and she should have a sense of the new reality of desires she is bringing up for us this annual cycle. In a non-possessive relating-ship mode, she can enjoy all of the merging Pluto seeks without worrying about the future. The passion could be applied to resources that allow you to follow your new dream (Pisces) so go for the gold… schedule a late-night meeting with someone who can help you. Or schedule it early and you will find you can enjoy each others’ company through the wee hours.

At 12:09pm on Tuesday, the Sun at 16:18 Aries Trines Saturn Retrograde at 16:18 Sagittarius.

Here we have clarity pouring in that eases any old 3D Karmic fear we may have of Saturn restricting the area of our lives where we have 16:18 Sagittarius in our Natal Chart. We can likely see why this FOCUS that Saturn wants us to have in that area is necessary and helps us to achieve our personal motivations more successfully.

At 1:00pm Venus ingresses Aries, the Sign Mars rules, and we feel a sudden whoosh around our new desires as we instinctively begin to act on them. Venus in Aries is motivation to acquire resources, motivation to pursue our physical desires and motivation to pursue the object of our desires. Get ready to find yourself acting on your new desires without having to think about it.

At 6:16pm Mercury at 29:56 Aries Ses-Squares Jupiter Retrograde at 14:56 Virgo.

This is an adjustment that leads to an ease aspect. Mercury has recently made an adjustment and made magic with Jupiter. Today he is readjusting himself in a way that will create an ease between his own motivations and ideas and his new work/service philosophy. Mercury is on the critical degree of Aries so he is acting with all of the motivational insight he has acquired as he Transited Aries. His expressions will be big (Jupiter) and motivational (Aries).

At 7:15pm Mercury ingresses Taurus, the Sign Venus rules. We will find ourselves beginning to discuss our own resources and new ways we can begin to acquire more of what we need. We will have more loving words to exchange with others and more easily express what we find is beautiful. We will find new ideas to create abundance.

With Venus now in Aries with the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, we are now out of any ‘fog’ of the depths of Pisces and into ‘creation’ mode again. Acting (Aries) and acquiring (Taurus) based on our new annual cycle of our imagination (Neptune/Pisces).


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