Expansive, Soulful and Energizing Words

Last night watching the news because it was on at a friend’s house, I noticed how helpful this Transit of Mercury through Aries is to these politicians: Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, etc. Its as if they have all had a shot of testosterone (Aries energy) and are playing a soccer match rather than being so nebulous (Pisces) They can exude passion right now through their words and come across as assertive and strong (Aries attributes). While in Pisces, their platforms and presence was likely more wishy-washy. But now they are like bulls at a rodeo being set free to charge forward.

Not that I care one iota about politics as that would be a 3D projection. But they do present a universe-all (Uranus) example of Mercury in Aries. Their expressions and platforms can be examined for feedback around which Planets are guiding them and which dimensional thought they are expressing.

But Friday is a very expressive day with Mercury making 4 aspects. We should be hearing about the next year’s energies and how/what we are creating, especially change-wise as Mercury is still within orb of his Conjunction to Uranus all day.

At 9:50am Mercury at 21:22 Aries Biquintiles Jupiter Retrograde at 15:22 Virgo.

Separating from Uranus means Mercury could be discussing some things that are passing rather than progressing. And Jupiter is Retrograde so it may be something we are reconsidering around our path to freedom and our work/service philosophy. This aspect occurs just a few days after the Quincunx between Mercury and Jupiter on Tuesday, Mar 29.  Then they made an adjustment and now they are making magic AND Mercury now has the awareness from Uranus that is helping me to make this magic even more significant.

Here there is magic in the way we assert ourselves and they way we serve others. If you have been lying in bed trying to get the motivation to go about your old 3D daily schedule, you may just have the 5D magical awareness and philosophy you need to see WHY you want to get out of bed. You can now make sense of HOW we are going to go about our ‘work’ now as we leave the Baby-Boomer 3D ‘work ethic’ en masse.

You could magically JUMP out of bed on Friday ready to begin any entirely new lifestyle. You may see what it IS you can contribute to the global good that motivates you to seize the day.

At 12:45pm Mercury at 21:37 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 21:37 Virgo.

This is the 2nd half of a 3-way aspect that is very tight. While Mercury is making magic to Jupiter’s new work/service philosophy, Mercury has to make an adjustment to the soulful North Node. To get any magic from his meeting with Jupiter, he must be thinking soulfully about what he is doing and saying. Not only is Mercury thinking globally (Jupiter) and with revelation (Conjunct Uranus), he is now putting it ALL together with 5D Soul Awareness as he adjusts to the North Node.

You likely won’t feel these aspects individually as they should merge quite easily into some adjustment that allows for the magic to stay with you longer.

At 9:26pm Mercury at 22:21 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 22:21 Pisces.

Chiron is still Conjunct the South Node so essentially all day Mercury has been Semi-Sextile the South Node (what we are letting go of) at the same time. But as he meets Chiron, our words are going to express something of our old subconscious, Soul-Level woundings. In Pisces, Chiron is ’emotional manipulation.’ If someone’s words set you off on Friday night, just check yourself… you don’t need to take the bait! You can be free of manipulation the minute you don’t respond back to it.

Without emotional manipulation, it will be far easier to stay motivated for serving others and for finding your own freedom, too. All at the same time.

At 11:52pm Mercury at 22:33 Aries Ses-Squares Mars at 7:33 Sagittarius.

With this aspect, Mercury gets to pull it all together as he is Transiting Mars’ Sign and bathed in his energy already. An adjustment here leads to an ease (Ses-Square). How has his ‘actions’ been worked over all day? How is Mercury now operating from Higher Mind energy (Jupiter/Uranus/Sagittarius/Pisces) and from Soulful energy (Nodes of Fate, Chiron) and integrating it all? Mercury’s instinctive actions will receive another check from higher consciousness and need to align accordingly.

All day long, Mercury is getting ‘checked’ on his own ideas for moving forward. Mercury by himself, ahead of the Sun too, can definitely lead you down some wayward path of disconnection. But with so many 5D energies at play here, he is not going to have that chance. Allow all of the course corrections in and pay attention to the energies that are shifted you today. They are energies you need to KNOW and follow.

On Sunday, Mercury will wrap up his streak of uninterrupted aspects with a Semi-Square to Neptune. This will be an important irritation to stay on course with your new awareness and philosophy and soul perspective.



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