Ease, Healing and Challenge – Mar 30

On Tuesday night, we have an aspect I missed yesterday. And we have 3 more aspects on Wednesday. So I will go rather quickly through each of them. They are all made from Personal Planets to Outer Planets. So most of the affects will be personal in nature.

At 11:02pm on Tuesday night Mercury at 16:23 Aries Trine Sagittarius Retrograde at 16:23 Sagittarius.

Some passionate, fiery expression that describes what Saturn has had you focusing on. Saturn has been at 16+ degrees since Mar 4 and is still sitting there through Apr 16. You need to FOCUS on whatever Saturn has staring you in the face. It will depend in part on the House where you have 16+ Sag and or Gemini, Virgo and Pisces as Saturn makes challenging aspects to any Planets on these degrees.

For me, Saturn is in my 2nd House of earned income by Sun Sign and 6th House of work/service and day-to-day activities, roommates. As Saturn was Square to Jupiter in Virgo as he Retrograded, we have really been focused on our work/service philosophy and the new lifestyle we really desire (Venus Square Saturn and Opposite Jupiter at Saturn’s Station) to have moving forward. We are ALL on some form of HOLD as we see how where all of these aspects brought us to. I know things are due to change, but where to place my focus this year, following a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Opposite the natural 6th House of Virgo, is still a question hanging in the air for me. And for many of us as I’m hearing from you.

This Trine could have us voicing some ideas of where things are going now.

At 5:08am on Wednesday, Venus at 22:11 Pisces Conjuncts Chiron at 22:11 Pisces.

Here is a bit of healing salve after Chiron’s direct Opposition to the North Node in Virgo. Sure, we are letting go of our deep, soul-level pain, but there is still some lingering subconscious/conscious issues we are working through as the North Node still has lessons to go before we sleep as we continue through 21 Virgo to 0 Leo (the Nodes of Fate are points/measurements that move clockwise).

Our desires (Venus) are getting a soulful check from Chiron today about ways to hold more loosely to things as part of our new 5D reality. Pisces energy morphs things so we need to stay fluid with our desires rather than the old fixed earth energy of Venus and Taurus. This means our relating-ships, too, as they can morph as we move along. Nothing is fixed and solid anymore as we KNOW our reality isn’t REAL, but a projection of our consciousness.

At 10:53am Mercury at 17:24 Aries Squares Pluto at 17:24 Capricorn.

Pluto is now just 5 minutes from his Retrograde Station which will occur on Apr 18. He is commanding attention as he pulls into his Station. Pluto is Conjunct the tight orb of Uranus and Neptune for the early 20-somethings who are creating the Vast, Transformational, Change. Uranus Squared 17:24 Capricorn (this age group’s Planets in Capricorn) last Apr 23, Nov 10 and Feb 9, 2016. That is when they were receiving this ‘revelations’ of what is to come with Pluto Conjunct this same point.

Watch what gets said today in light of this age-group’s impact on us all. Look for some 20-somethings to pop into the news with some new ideas or bold statements. And watch what  comes up for you that Uranus gave you revelations about near those same dates.

At 6:08pm the Sun at 10:38 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 10:38 Pisces.

Here there are some fog lights the Sun applies to Neptune’s shroud of fog in some area of your life (where you have 10+ Pisces in your Natal Chart). See what you can as you will make use of this clarity moving forward on your own path to freedom.


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