Mercury Is Leading the Charge

There is one minor aspect on Sunday between Mercury and Neptune. So try to get the most out of it that you can. Whenever Mercury meets Neptune, our conscious mind gets a subconscious check to align with all that is.

At 1:55am Mercury at 10:30 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 10:30 Pisces.

Both are in uncharted territory. Neptune is beyond the degrees he Transited last year putting us into new waters. Mercury is the leading Planet moving us through the Sign of action and willpower. Rarely is it a good idea to have Mercury in the lead unless you have a Merlin Mind and know to follow your Higher Mind Planets. So anytime we can get some help from Neptune when in this situation, it is a very good thing.

A Semi-Sextile is minor, but as Mercury is speaking about our new reality for the next annual cycle, checking in again with Neptune in Pisces will serve to keep us on track.

You can expect Mercury’s expressions to be forceful, to initiate some passion and to speak without thinking first. In fact, this thought may come out as he is initiating some action at the same time.

Neptune will allow you to see how/if these expressions align with what we were birthing as Mercury and Sun were Transiting Pisces.

Venus is still in Pisces and our desires may be bringing up some old stuff and worrying you that this is going to happen again, but it isn’t. Just let any old subconscious desires slip away from you making room for the new.

On Wednesday, the Sun will cross this same degree making the same aspect to Neptune. At that time, what was expressed will get clarified.

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