The T-Square of Your Hidden Desires

On Friday, we have a T-Square of CHALLENGE and growth between Venus in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo. This pours the energy from all 3 in Square into the empty corner in Gemini.

T-Square energies are old 3D ones that were quite difficult. But in 5D, we have the opportunity to grow from any old energy that remains there and shift it into something higher. This is especially true as there is much Higher Mind energy involved: Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces. In 5D, Saturn is FOCUS and Venus is relating-ships that are non-possessive as there is Soul Awareness.

You may recall that Jupiter Square Saturn was exact just prior to the Eclipse on Wednesday morning. Now Venus rounds out that energy giving definition to how our subconscious desires can interact with this FOCUSED new PHILOSOPHY around work and service. The energy gets thrown into Gemini, which is an Air Sign of communication. You will be able to SPEAK about what all this energy is showing you and to voice your new philosophy.

Depending on the House where you have 16+ Gemini in your chart, this extra energy will manifest in other ways for each of us. It pours right into my Ascendant, my highest point of self-awareness so I’m sure I will be writing about it;)

The 2 aspects of the rolling T-Square occur like this:

At 7:58am on Friday morning, Venus at 16:09 Pisces Opposes Jupiter Retrograde at 16:09 Virgo.

Here your hidden (Pisces) desires (Venus) will manifest in the work you are doing (Virgo). You will see what your ‘work’ what you are desiring and Jupiter will allow you to get a handle on the big picture of your new work/service/duty philosophy AND your new desires.

Once your desires manifest in your work, they are not really hidden anymore and you can see them a bit more clearly and understand what is going on here.

At 12:48pm Venus at 16:24 Pisces Squares Saturn at 16:24 Sagittarius.

At 6:01am on Friday morning, Saturn Stationed Retrograde. As he is still at a near standstill, he is creating the ‘apex’ of the T-Square with Venus and Jupiter. There is definitely some FOCUS you need to apply to this aspect all day on Friday. Get clear about your new desires and your new work/service/duty philosophy. See if you can voice (Gemini, the empty corner) what is going on for you, what you are beginning to piece together in your new approach to all your day-to-day activities and busy-ness (Virgo) and how it needs to be integrated into the big picture (Sagittarius) and aligned with your new desires (Venus in Pisces).

And the day is a ‘wrap’ and you are in the midst of a new of ‘doing’ (Virgo) your ‘being’ (Pisces).

2 thoughts on “The T-Square of Your Hidden Desires

  1. Thank you Beth for sharing your knowledge. Reading your posts, is like learning a new language. I haven’t quite gotten the flow of it yet, but like all things new, it takes practice and time! Thanks again, for offering the opportunity to grow in the direction of better understanding. Happy day to you!

    1. Jackie,
      Thank you for writing and for your comments:) I know its a new language, but the more you see it, the more familiar you will become with it. Each Planet has an energy and the keywords I use describe their energies. See them together enough and you will find you can IDENTIFY each Planet’s energies. And that is my goal! To help you FEEL the Planets and then consult your chart to learn where they are and the purpose of what they are doing.
      If, through my newsletters, you can begin to identify these aspects in your life, then you come to see how accurate Astrology is and you KNOW there is a reason for everything under the Sun;) You will be brought back to your Soul and that Soul Awareness… so there you have it! Stick with it!! And don’t hesitate to reach out:) I have a very modest group in numbers so have time to interact.

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