One Big, Eclipsing Day!!

Wednesday has 3 aspects that are very significant for the next 6 months and beyond. Of course, we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but it is sandwiched between 2 other aspects that will flavor the next 6 months as well.

At 6:15am Jupiter Retrograde at 16:24 Virgo Squares Saturn at 16:24 Sagittarius.

We have been feeling this aspect strongly for the last week. It is CHALLENGING us to expand (Jupiter) by focusing (Saturn) on that ONE THING that we need to… our new philosophy around global ideas (Sagittarius) and service to others (Virgo).

For each of us there is a special story as that is told by the House position of these 2 Planets in our Natal charts. We are being stretched to seek a higher consciousness perspective in these 2 areas of our lives.

At 8:00am the Moon at 3:17 Libra Opposes the Sun at 3:17 Aries creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

There are many technical details about Eclipses that can razzle dazzle you, but the primary thing to FEEL about a Lunar Eclipse is just how easily it RESETS your emotional buttons. If over the last year, you separated from someone or some situation and you haven’t been able to fully let go, the Lunar Eclipses can make that happen. IN FACT, if you are aware of the time of the Eclipse, you will FEEL the switch being flipped. If you are around that person or not, you will FEEL the ease of ending those old feelings and able to move on.

And moving on is important because we are still WAITING for the Super-charged, ‘Fresh Start’ that a Solar Eclipse promises and we haven’t quite been able to ACT on that start. We may have felt it, we may have smelt it and and sat with it, but the physical shape hasn’t formed as of yet. It will begin to anytime now with the Eclipse behind us.

The Eclipse Wormhole of Rapid Change is still in effect for the next 2 weeks so the musical chairs continue to shift us around and into new positions, new relating-ships and new ways of being.

Then at 4:11pm Mercury at 3:38 Aries Conjuncts the Sun at 3:38 Aries.

This is one of 6 days each year where our conscious mind (Mercury) is in sync with our real-time, purpose and goals. This aspect is MENTAL CLARITY and it means that what gets said at this time is the more accurate and real. In Aries, there is an initiating energy so we can expect someone, or ourselves, to initiate some long-awaited communication. What good news following an Eclipse that is finally signaling the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse.

Here the words will point out the new reality that we are birthing over the next Solar cycle (1 year) as these 2 Planets have recently left Pisces where the old cycle was ended and a new one was being conceived in the collective unconscious.

What an amazing to have these 3 aspects as part of the energy for the next 6 months. What is new and higher consciousness (Jupiter/Sagittarius) is combining with our mental minds (Mercury) to create our new selves (Aries) in relating-ships (Libra). And Saturn is holding our focus steady so we can achieve what we need to begin to see (Sun and Jupiter).

Saturn is nearing his Retrograde Station and is slowed in the skies creating a VERY steady focus for which to begin to SEE and FEEL our new philosophy. See if you can pinpoint yours and then see if you can grasp how a new relating-ship might better support this new YOU.

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