Mar 20 – Spring Equinox and New Desires

At 12:40am on Sunday morning, the Sun ingresses Aries ushering in Spring. It feels about time up here in Northern Michigan. But the Sun will also be bringing us into our ‘new reality’ as in Pisces we ended an old cycle (Winter) to have a rebirth now (Spring).

In the Equinox Chart, we have the Sun and Mercury Quintile to Pluto in Capricorn bringing us a new magical way of dealing with authorities (Capricorn) we share money with (Pluto). This can be a great help in creating our new 5D reality. It also means that those early 20-somethings who now have Pluto Conjunct BOTH their Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn will have a rebirth of ideas to draw from as they bring us their Vast, Transformational Change.

Venus is Conjunct Neptune meaning that our desires will spring from our new subconscious mindset allowing us to spontaneously move into new desires.

Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo, in the chart, is just 25 minutes from his exact Square to Saturn in Sagittarius. This will challenge us around staying with the old and the familiar or branching out into new, bigger directions. The good news is that the energy leans towards the new as Jupiter rule Saturn Transiting his Sign of Sagittarius, so there is double the optimism. Still Saturn will keep our future directions grounded, allowing us to initiate new structures that fit a more expansive, global reality.

Chiron is Conjunct the South Node in the chart, emphasizes our need to ‘let go’ of our past and move into a new, Soulful reality. Jupiter Conjunct the North Node in Virgo is holding us to working on our new work philosophy.

All the heavens are ushering in a Spring that is a SUPER-CHARGED ‘Fresh Start’!!

Sunday has one other notable aspect.

At 1:45pm on Sunday Venus at 10:16 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 10:16 Pisces.

Here our desire mind gets bathed in the deep, collective unconscious so that we can be baptized into a new way of desiring what the new reality we are moving towards. And in case you don’t understand that new reality, be sure to watch the Vast, Transformational Change videos and the 5D videos on my YouTube channel: 5D Astrology. Please subscribe to my channel.

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