Mar 18 – Motivated, Global Awareness

We are less than a week from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 3:13 Libra/Aries. This is an ‘ending’ energy that will really make room for the ‘fresh start’ promised at the Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse will affect each of us in the area of relationship and self as that is the energy of the Signs of Libra and Aries. Can you sense what is going to be Eclipsed from YOUR life?

On Friday, we have just one aspect, but its a helpful one which will be followed by a magical one on Saturday.

At 3:34pm Mars at 4:13 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus at 19:13 Aries.

Mars rules Uranus in Aries so there is plenty of initiating (Cardinal) action energy to go around here. Uranus wants freedom and equality for all. In Aries, Uranus wants individual freedom over his more collective freedom. Mars in Sagittarius is optimistic, big actions that show some higher consciousness or demonstrate your ‘kindness’ philosophy.

The Ses-Square is an adjustment that leads to an ease. As Uranus is universe-all and Sagittarius is global compared to Mars and Aries being individual, the adjustment is likely along this contrast. But there is a way to do BOTH. There is a way to pursue your freedom and act magnanimously towards the collective. With 2 Higher Mind energies involved, you will have revelation (Uranus) and how to apply your kindness philosophy (Sagittarius/Jupiter). You will get a big picture (Sagittarius/Jupiter) view of how best to do this.

Here’s how this kind of plays out for me:

Mars is Transiting my 2nd House of earned income (Venus energy) by Sun Sign and my 6th House of service/work (Virgo energy) by Rising Sign.

Uranus is Transiting my 6th House of service/work (Virgo) energy by Sun Sign and my 11th House of Astrology/philanthropy (Uranus energy) by Rising Sign.

I make jewelry (Venus) for my income and Astrology is my service/philanthropy. Right now I am motivated for both (Mars and Aries energies), but need to decide each day where to spend my time. AND my income is only necessary as part of my abundance philosophy (2nd House in Sagittarius). I know that if I give it without thought of return, I will have all that I need. Uranus in my 6th House of work makes it hard to do any 9-5 job without great effort as Uranus can bring in so many changes each day in my routine.

I thrive in a high-change environment, but without my abundance philosophy, I could never make these 2 energies work. I would be worried about having enough while never really knowing where my work or income will be coming from. But to me, THAT is the secret of having a Merlin Mind. It elevates me out of the physical realm of limitation and into the magical realm of pure potentiality.

Basically, I roll through my day accepting things that come my way. There is often an adjustment, but that is part of constant change. This aspect can create an ease for a couple of days that will allow me to see how I am really working with the global desires (2nd House in Sagittarius) vs. personal freedom and change (Uranus in Aries) WHILE serving (Mars and Uranus both in 6th House placements).

NOTE: You may have noticed that I use BOTH Rising Sign and Sun Sign House placements as it is easier and more straightforward than trying to deal with the ‘rulership’ most Astrologers apply. This approach is easy to FEEL, is VERY accurate and allows you to understand Astrology when you have remembered about 20 sets of keywords (quite easy) AND it is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL Astrology.

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