Mar 11 – Speak Your Subconscious Mind and More

Building all Thursday evening is Mercury Conjunct Neptune. This is a ‘speak your subconscious mind’ aspect… literally.

At 1:01am Mercury at 9:55 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 9:55 Pisces.

For the month that Mercury Transits Pisces, we all get a chance to feel what it is like to have Mercury Conjunct Neptune in your Natal Chart… as I have. It means there is no firewall at the moment between your conscious/physical mind) and your subconscious mind. Which means that you can easily bring us your subconscious fears and manifest them. But you can also bring up new directions you want to begin to pursue in the next annual cycle as Mercury moves through the Signs again.

When Mercury is Conjunct Neptune, you can reach more truth about all your actions and why things manifest the way they do. It is a great time to get back in sync with your ‘source’ which Mercury cuts you off from in 3D.

So with this aspect, you can expect to find yourself speaking what your new annual cycle will be about and what Neptune has been dissolving in your life. Neptune is just barely into  new territory right now, but is still on the same degree of his last Retrograde Station on Jun 12, 2015. So there may be some new stuff that you begin to see now. And you have all night to ‘dream’ about what you will be doing over the next year.

At 5:36pm the Sun at 21: 47 Pisces Opposes the North Node at 21:47 Virgo.

The Sun is still tightly Conjunct Chiron and both of them are sitting on the South Node, which shows what we are releasing. We ARE releasing our old Soul-Level pain as we remember our Souls. The North Node points the way to do this the best is by focusing on staying busy with our new work/service/duty philosophy we are creating and to do so very soulfully. So basically, if we set new goals (Sun) to release our woundings (Chiron Conjunct South Node) we will know how to soulfully (North Node) be of service and how to ‘work’ in new ways that show we are not ‘fighting’ to keep our bodies healthy, or fighting to keep a job, or fighting to keep our appointments, but rather we are simply acting on soulful urges to BE and DO accordingly. Won’t that be a shift for you?!!

At 11:30pm Mars at 2:09 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 17:09 Capricorn.

If you’re an early 20-somethings, you are feeling the burn of Pluto Conjunct your Natal Uranus and Neptune. You can feel the heat building. But Mars is now motivated to bring us into a higher consciousness state and this will assist you in working through any difficulties you feel around authorities. The same is true for all of us, but this age group is going to powerfully transform us all and Mars in Sagittarius keeps their energies on an optimistic track. Which is definitely helpful;)

Mars and Pluto in an irritation (aka 3D and 4D aspect) can create all kinds of 3D drama, but in 5D, it makes a harmony between them that is powerful action directed towards sharing ourselves and our resources. Mars in Sagittarius is pursuing an enlightened, global view while Pluto in Capricorn is transforming our old boundaries and structures of authority to align more with the new reality we are birthing. This is a powerful chance to choose to shift any old energy into 5D. You can DO IT!


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