Updated 4th Dimensional Videos

Yesterday Deb Penn from Soulspeak brought to my attention that these videos were not playing right. While it was a very difficult energetic process for me to spend several days working on them due to their lower consciousness, you NEED to KNOW the difference between 4D and 5D in order to stay more solidly in 5D energies.

So BE SURE to review these videos.. its only 15 minutes total! It will go a long ways in taking through the end of 4D.

And if you would take a few minutes to share these videos with others and subscribe to my YouTube page, I would greatly appreciate it. I have only had about 5 paid Readings over 5 months time and no worries on that, but SHARING these WOULD BE Uranus as he shares what is shareable by awareness standards and I KNOW these meet those standards.

Gratefully, as 5D IS gratitude, I thank you.

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