Mar 8 & 9 – Pregnant Silence of the Eclipse

For 48 hours AFTER the Solar Eclipse which occurs at 8:55pm on Monday night at 18:56 Pisces, we will have NO ONE aspect between the Transiting Planets as our subconscious clarity takes root and we begin to bring it to the surface as the Sun ingresses Aries on Mar 20. This is a great window of time to align your emotions (Moon) and goals and purpose (Sun) with each other.

I haven’t written about the Eclipse chart and really should. The Eclipse sits on the degree Square to my Ascendant (highest point of self-awareness/1st House of self) and my Descendant (my 7th House of Partnership). Chiron has been Transiting over the degree of Eclipse over the last 14 months. If you have felt any pain lately, this Eclipse degree makes a hard (3D and 4D) aspect to some Planet or point in YOUR chart. (NOTE: What I have been healing this year is pain around myself in partnership. My my Natal pain is different and has been healed before.)

In the Eclipse chart, Chiron is at 20:54 degrees of Pisces, just 2 degrees from the Sun and Moon at the time of the Eclipse. This puts Chiron in orb and impacting our next 6-month window of the Eclipse.

As the Sun and Moon aspect both Jupiter and Uranus as they approach their exact meeting, Jupiter and Uranus play a key role over the next 6 months, too.

An Eclipse in Pisces is bringing up new stuff for us to see as our new ideal reality moving forward for the next cycle (one year). Chiron, Jupiter and Uranus ALL aspecting the Sun in Neptune ruled Pisces MEANS that we are ALL coming into Soul Awareness!! We should be HEALING (Jupiter) our collective unconscious 3D and 4D Soul-Level woundings.

Once we reconnect to our umbilical cord to our Soul, Chiron, we don’t need the pain anymore. The pain was simply there to help us turn inward and find our way back to Soul Awareness. This Eclipse is the PERFECT ALIGNMENT to help us accomplish this over the next 6 months and beyond!!

What that means is that our chronic pain can leave us, we can achieve forgiveness for ALL (Jupiter in Virgo) who have played a part in our Karma (Sun/Moon in Pisces) which also turned us back towards our Soul. And from this place, we can find our path to a brave, new world (Uranus in Aries).

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  1. For the past few days I feel scared and blue, living alone struggling financially seems to be heightened right now, I usually overcome these feelings of fear with positive thought, right now the butterflies in my stomach are nauseating to say the least……………

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