Mar 5 – Aggressive, Passionate Words

With just 3 days until the Solar Eclipse, the storyline of your super-charged ‘fresh start’ in the area of your subconscious mind is getting more and more resolution. The Eclipse occurs in Pisces which is where we have our collective unconscious (the repository of all human experience). Pisces is across the Zodiac Wheel from Virgo, where we externalize and make conscious WHAT is going on in Pisces. Virgo rules jobs, workplace, co-workers, health, fitness, service workers, military service, volunteering, food production, etc. So you can expect the Eclipse to externalize around these issues in your life.

If you are looking for a new job, one may be on the horizon. If you are looking to get more motivation around a fitness program, this Eclipse could really help you. You get the idea. You likely already KNOW the story that is going to play out… at least a bit of it. So the next few days we are collecting more breadcrumbs of information, desires and clarity to help us use this Eclipse energy.

At 12:43am on Saturday morning Mercury at 29:41 Aquarius Squares Mars at 29:41 Scorpio.

Both Planets are on the Anaretic degree of their respective Signs… that is a critical degree that has a very strong essence of its Sign energy. Mars is sitting on my Natal Sun, on the Anaretic degree of Scorpio. I am quintessential Scorpio to a critical degree, is what that means. Mercury on the Anaretic degree of Aquarius means our words and thoughts will be quintessentially Aquarian to a critical degree. It is the wrap-up of the energy of the Sign and now Mercury is set to ingress Pisces to follow the Sun through that Sign.

But as Mars and Mercury Square each other on the critical degree of Aquarius and Scorpio, we can expect some challenge that forces the last spurt of growth from us. In 3D, a Square felt Karmic and hard. In 5D, it is a chance to grow. Scorpio and Aquarius energies are often not that compatible in certain ways. While both are Fixed energies, their elements are quite a contrast. Scorpio is water/emotion and Aquarius is air/ideas.

Mars in Scorpio is motivation to merge emotionally via physical contact or the use of your resources. Mercury in Aquarius is about philanthropic ideas that can save the world… not just you. So here we have these 2 speaking about terms of some merger and its overall effect.

Aquarius is the Sign of emotional detachment which is compassion. If Mars goes into 3D or 4D emotional attachment, the aspect will go hard a bit hard for him. Mercury likely won’t even recognize that he has hurt his feelings. But if Mars can get on board with the motivation of Aquarius to be universal, then there is the rub of the growth required from a Square in 5D.

Its not that Mars doesn’t want to share, he just was too narrowly focused on his own objective for a moment. This aspect will change that up in true Aquarian style.

At 2:29pm Venus at 21:48 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 21:48 Virgo.

Here we have a wrap-up of Venus’ week around CHANGED DESIRES as she met with each of the Outer Planets (except Neptune) and 2 Soul-Level points. Now we just need to refine our desires as the North Node has us make a necessary adjustment.

This aspect has even deeper energy around it as the North Node is still Conjunct Jupiter Retrograde as he is making an adjustment aspect to Uranus in Aries, which exacts on Sunday morning.

Venus is still within an orb of her Sextile to Uranus which occurred on Wednesday so there is a big configuration going on with their combined energies.

What this means is that the awareness that occurred between Venus and Uranus is being adjusted against our soulful work/service/duty philosophy. Uranus is universe-all. Jupiter is globe-all. The North Node is Soul-all. So our CHANGED DESIRES (Venus in Aquarius) and our personal path to freedom (Uranus in Aries) is adjusting to the work/service/duty philosophy.

Have you arrived at any new ideas (Aquarius/Uranus) that will help you on your path to freedom while also being of service for the good of all?

Its a tall order, but the only kind of solution that will solve the dilemma of the mess Pluto in Capricorn has been showing us around our public structures.

With the adjusted higher consciousness awareness of Jupiter’s Quincunx to Uranus, Jupiter will move on to apply to Pluto in a Trine, a transitional 3D to 5D aspect. Then Jupiter will Square Saturn, who is Transiting his own Sign, at the Lunar Eclipse on Mar 23.

Big stuff is going down and getting worked through that will move us out of the rut of our Capricorn structures that have endured since roughly 1776 when Pluto was last in Capricorn.



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