Mar 3 – Adjusted, Universe-all Desires

On Thursday, Venus has her final aspect in a straight run of 5 spanning from Monday to Thursday.

If you haven’t figured out HOW your desires have CHANGED, then this last aspect will help you to achieve some perspective.

At 7:04am Venus at 18:57 Aquarius Quincunx Jupiter Retrograde at 18:57 Virgo.

Venus has already met all of the Outer Planets, except Neptune, over the last 4 days: Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and now, Jupiter. She also met the North Node on Monday, which is a Soul-Level point that determines where our Eclipses will occur and provides Soul-Level lessons in the Sign it is Transiting.

So our new, radical, surprising (Aquarius) desires should be quite well established by now. And this aspect to Jupiter will allow us to get a bigger perspective of how our desires also fit into our new work/service/duty (Virgo) philosophy (Jupiter) and to achieve our universal desires (Aquarius).

Aquarius is an interesting Sign. For one, it embraces all of the unusual idiosyncrasies of each of us while holding a universal standard as well. In 3D, Aquarius was the ‘hive mind’ where all had to conform, or else… peer pressure. Aquarius is the 3rd Sign of the element of Air. Gemini was dualistic/Karmic thinking, Libra was social consensus and conforming, and Uranus was a singular approach to things that needed to be applied equally.

But in 5D, Uranian energy was NEVER that fixed and rigid as the Fixed Air of its Sign would seem. In 5D, the only thing FIXED by Uranian energy is UNIVERSAL ACCEPTANCE.

If your new desires have taken you into this realm of acceptance, you have merged all the lessons of this week.

Each unusual facet of each of us IS an expression of the WHOLE of us. It is part of the Universe-all truth of our experience. EMBRACE IT!!

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