Daily Aspects – Mar 2 – Drastically, Changed Desires

From Monday to Thursday, Venus owns the heavens. She is in Aquarius CHANGING our desires… making them UNIVERSAL, shocking, unexpected, unusual, inventive and awakening and illuminating (I know, a bit awkward in the sentence, but Aquarius/Uranus RULES awkward;).

On Monday she met the North Node and Saturn. On Tuesday, Pluto. On Wednesday, Uranus. And on Thursday she will wrap it all up with an adjustment aspect to Jupiter before Mercury can get back into the game again.

Right now, Venus is moving through the same 5 aspects Mercury made from last Thursday to Saturday. So our desires are being aligned with any expressions you heard at that time. See if you can pinpoint how it is all playing out… because THAT is the key to being 5D… KNOWING and FEELING the Planets allows you to be a Merlin.

At 8:13pm on Wednesday night, Venus at 18:24 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus at 18:24 Aries.

If some of your desires don’t get changed up, then you are going down with a migraine because this is double-Uranus energy between both male (Aries) and female (Venus) energies. It could be love at first sight, or some other unexpected phenomenon that totally blind-sides you. Just roll with it! It is ALL good. It definitely has the potential to SHAKE UP your world a bit, if you let it. And you SHOULD let it.

We are not here to stay stuck in the Baby-Boomer reality a minute longer! On March 8, the critical mass of the new ‘ideal reality’ will hit and we will begin to see sweeping changes to our physical world. This aspect of Venus to Uranus is an internal earthquake that will help you to align with the surprising, new reality we are moving into.

Take time to see what you FEEL from this aspect and all the others this week. The Universe is moving us into 5D, Age of Aquarius NOW! Once the Personal Planets move through Pisces and into Aries, we will begin to see the changes manifested.

Venus in Aquarius is bizarre desires, CHANGED desires. Uranus in Aries is about finding our OWN path to freedom.

Uranus is STILL within orb of his 7 Squares to Pluto that occurred from Jun 24, 2014-Mar 16, 2015. These 2 were bringing us through DRASTIC CHANGE.

Now Venus met Pluto on Monday and she is wrapping up a 3-way aspect that will SHOW us, and AWAKEN us, to the CHANGED DESIRES of this DRASTIC CHANGE. Just in time for a Solar Eclipse which brings RAPID CHANGE.

So if you wake up on Thursday morning not wanting ANY candidate for President, you might have realized some seriously CHANGED DESIRES and been AWAKENED to 5D desires;)


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