Daily Aspects -Feb 29 – Soulful Adjustment and Magic

There are 3 aspects on Monday. The first 2 are continuations of information (Mercury) and desires (Venus) around our new, soulful (North Node) work/service/duty (Virgo) philosophy (Jupiter).

At 3:27am on Mercury at 21:50 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 21:50 Virgo.

On Saturday, Mercury made this same aspect to Jupiter in Virgo, still Conjunct the North Node (with a 3 degree orb). This is some continued energy that takes what was expressed on Saturday about our new philosophy and applies it to a Soul-Level test. Does it hold water? It would appear that we need to make some adjustment at this stage.

Try to look back at the double-magic Mercury made to the North Node early Thursday morning to see what you now need to adjust to keep your philosophy in 5D, which IS Soul Awareness, as the North Node would approve.

Have you noticed how your day-to-day activities have changed since Jupiter entered Virgo in August and the North Node did so on Nov 12. Besides having MORE (Jupiter) work to do, can you see how you are not working differently?

Mercury in Aquarius is bringing in the revelation to show you how your work holds up from a universal standpoint as well. When  you combine Jupiter and Uranus and the North Node energies, you KNOW this is a very big new philosophy that you are developing.

From last Thursday through Mar 5, as Venus wraps up her ‘adjustment’ aspect to Jupiter and the North Node, it will be JUST IN TIME for Jupiter to make an adjustment aspect to Uranus on Mar 6!! Our new work/service/duty philosophy not only needs to be global and soulful in perspective, it needs to be universal AND support each person’s individual path to freedom (Uranus in Aries). If you can see how this is shaping up for you, then you REALLY ARE becoming a Merlin;)

At 6:45pm Venus at 15:50 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 21:50 Virgo.

This double-magic aspect from Venus to the North Node will assist Mercury’s adjustment. Here our desires are magically aligning with our new work/service/duty philosophy and showing us how to use our own resources to effectively manage any adjustment that we need to make.

If you have been job-hunting, Monday could be a good day to hear about work projects and ways to improve your own resources can be easily found. Or you may magically get the amount you were hoping for in taking the job. Mercury and Jupiter are key players when jobs come around. The Solar Eclipse in a few days is Opposite Virgo, but along the axis of Virgo (jobs) and Pisces (subconscious). It may be time to lose any fear around any ‘work’ that you do, any volunteering, service or duty and to see how YOU fit into the universal picture developing that is shaping the way we all pursue a new lifestyle.

At 8:07pm Venus at 15:55 Aquarius Sextiles Saturn at 15:55 Sagittarius.

Here, Saturn is ruled by Jupiter so we have more Higher Mind Planetary energy involved in our day. Saturn is holding us accountable to GLOBAL thinking and optimism that is accountable to reality. So you can have a sense of how to initiate structures to further your new work/service/duty philosophy while also acquiring surprising new resources for yourself.

Right now Jupiter is within orb of his Quincunx to Uranus that occurs on Mar 6, just ahead of the Solar Eclipse. This is a great aspect that will allow us to align ‘service’ with ‘self’ and the global and universal perspectives we need. The last few days and the next week are defining the ways we will go about our day-to-day activities as we move into more and more 5D Soul Awareness. See what you can see and prepare to let go of limiting beliefs that  were old lower consciousness. Uncover the new radical thinking these 2, and the North Node, are bringing us around our selves in service and work.

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