Daily Aspects – Feb 24 – Subconscious Desires Begin Change

There is just one aspect on Wednesday, but it is one that will add more resolution to our new way of operating.

At 12:32pm Venus at 9:20 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 9:20 Pisces.

This is a minor aspect, but a helpful one. This is about our subconscious (Pisces) desires (Venus). These 2 Planets in aspect show us how we subconsciously feel about our available resources, our self-esteem and our beauty and whether we have a ‘lack of’ or ‘plenty of’ any of these things.

But Venus is also in Aquarius, the Sign Uranus rules, so we have 2 Higher Minds working on helping us shape our desires in order to ‘begin change’. Venus in Aquarius is revelatory desires… desires we didn’t know that we had. Uranus and Neptune energy combined bring up many new possibilities from the very depth of our collective human experience and we can be shocked by what surfaces. Or we can simply be very surprised and pleasantly so.

Now, Venus is following Mercury through Aquarius so we can get some additional insight into things by seeing Mercury’s same aspect to Neptune which occurred at 3:13pm on Saturday. The Sun made this aspect on Jan 28, but at 8:22 degrees.

The Sun brought us some unexpected clarity around what Neptune is dissolving in Pisces. Mercury brought us some subconscious, unexpected expression and now Venus will be bringing in some changed desires. Can you detect a thread that ties these aspects together? If you can, you can understand how each Planet’s energies add definition to our goals and purpose as determined by the Sun, which shows our reality.

We are nearing the Solar Eclipse with less than 2 weeks to go. The Full Moon on Monday afternoon puts us in the ‘wormhole’ window of beginning the ‘rapid change’ all Eclipses bring us.

Depending on which House this Eclipse falls in for you, there may not be a load of ‘action’ but the clarity may get you onto a new path with far less fear and angst as you will see clearly into this subconscious area of your life.

What surprising and magical things came up for you on Sunday as Venus Quintiled Uranus? This may be the changed direction you are moving towards. It is helpful to follow the breadcrumbs as your reality unfolds for you. The Sun in front of the other Personal Planets mean that our expression and desires are behind our clarity. So watch as Mercury and Venus close the gap and bring us into greater sync with our reality over the next months. On Mar 23, the Sun and Mercury will have their Superior Conjunction, the mid-point of the Sun/Mercury cycle…. the SAME DAY as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! That will make the Eclipse very spot-on as our thoughts and ideas (Mercury) align with reality (Sun) and we see how we feel about things (Moon’s Opposition to them BOTH).

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