Daily Aspects – Feb 21 – Desire Begins Change

Sunday is a more electrifying kind of day than Saturday was.

At 6:40am Venus at 5:20 Aquarius Ses-Squares Jupiter Retrograde at 20:20 Virgo.

Venus is bringing us some new unexpected desires as she Transits Aquarius OR some unexpected philanthropic support. OR some beauty and luxury items on the social network (this one makes me laugh because I have been seeing all of these types of ‘floats’ for the water on FB lately). OR some available resources of philanthropy for an Astrologer? Let’s see what Venus in Uranus’ Sign can cook up.

Jupiter in Virgo has been helping us to develop a new philosophy around work, service and health. In an ‘ease after an adjustment’ type of aspect, the 2 Healing Planets have a great capacity for getting us out of a rut around the things that we desire.

Do we want to work (Virgo) so hard (Jupiter) for our resources (Venus)?

Do we want the social network (Aquarius) to pitch in (Virgo) to give resources (Venus) to improve a situation?

Do we think that a better understanding of Astrology would help more people to get out of their rut of working for the man?

Wherever your desires lead you on Saturday night and Sunday morning, it is highly likely it will surprise you!!

At 6:16pm Venus at 5:55 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 17:55 Aries.

After stewing in Jupiter’s higher consciousness all day, this aspect will really awaken our new desires and have us wanting to act (Aries) on them in some way.

Changed desires is what these 2 are cooking up. And ACTING on them will help you to see that you HAVE changed them. It may be bizarre to see what you desire now, but it will take you into a new place that is more universal and accepting for sure. AND a place that allows you to feel more free in all that you do and with all that you have.

You may just find yourself GIVING/GIFTING all that you ‘own’ to charity or to some philanthropic project and setting off on a whole new path to freedom. Or you could decide to leave your ‘job’ and find a more authentic way to really serve others that suits your unique (Uranus/Aquarius) sense of self. Or you may decide to simply level the amount of resources where you can.

Uranus rules equality, universality, currency (in its most natural state), lack of ‘ownership’ because everyone would ‘use and share’. If you feel yourself moving away from the slavery of a 9-5 gig that barely pays your bills, then be GRATEFUL because life never needed to be so hard.

Uranus WILL show us ways to do things that requires little to no work. Uranus rules inventions and out-of-the-box thinking. His energies are ones we NEED to heed and follow and trust. It is how we are going to get free of the Baby-Boomer ‘work ethic’ that has ground down to a halt with nothing to show for it.

At 10:20pm the Sun at 2:56 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 17:56 Aries.

By evening, we will have the clarity to set some goals to achieve our new desires while also applying our new work philosophy. WOW! And THIS is how the change will begin that we all feel we need so badly:)

AND the Sun in Pisces brings in the 3rd Higher Mind Planet energy ALL DAY! So we have Jupiter, Uranus AND Neptune energies helping us to get CLEAR about our CHANGED DESIRES… clear in the collective unconscious (Pisces) and clear about how it all serve US ALL (Jupiter and Aquarius/Uranus).




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