Daily Aspects – Feb 20 – Irritation to Clarify

Saturday has 3 aspects that are all minor and 2 of them may irritate a bit. But that irritation should be feeling a bit easier for you and spurring you to choose more 5D responses.

At 3:13pm Mercury at 9:11 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 9:11 Pisces.

It is always helpful to have Mercury connect to a Higher Mind Planet so that our ‘lens’ gets a deeper perspective of what it is actually ‘seeing’ in the physical realm. Here Mercury has the benefit of BOTH Uranus and Neptune energy and there may be some surprisingly deep expressions bantered around. Or you could unexpectedly change your plans based on some gut instinct that told you to.

At 4:38pm the Sun at 1:41 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 16:41 Capricorn.

This could be some clarity around an ‘ouch’ you’ve been having with someone in a position of authority. Or you could see something about an intimacy issue or financial issue that you need to look at. It IS tax season after all! See what clarity you have in this aspect and use it accordingly. Remember if there is any fear in it, that you just needed to see the fear in order to get rid of it by NOT reacting to it.

The clarity you may have IS the fact that you figure out HOW to get over your old fears:)

At 10:05pm Venus at 4:53 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 19:53 Pisces.

Venus is a Healing Planet so the Semi-Square shouldn’t be too irritating. But there could be some unexpected desires that you have that remind you of some of your wounding around such desires. Now you can simply see the wounding and work through it. Uranus and Aquarius are energies that SHAKE UP the status quo. So if you are looking at old IDEAS about things, now is the time to let Chiron in Pisces dissolve those fears and allow for new revelations to take root.


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