Daily Aspects – Feb 16 – Magical, Karmic Clarity

At 5:00pm on Monday night, Mars at 22:04 Scorpio Sextiles the North Node at 22:04 Virgo.

I wrote about this a little bit over the weekend as Mars is completing a 3-way aspect to both Jupiter and the North Node. So the aspect has been in effect all weekend. You may have found yourself motivated to serve someone you want to share resources or be intimate with. And you found your own motives to be very soulful indeed.

That would be this aspect. And the productive Sextile would help you to achieve soulful motivation.

At 6:35am on Tuesday morning, the Sun at 27:14 Aquarius Quintiles Saturn at 15:14 Sagittarius.

This is going to feel so nice! The Sun in Aquarius is shocking or unexpected clarity and Saturn in Sagittarius is holding us accountable to a higher consciousness. This is magic between 2 Higher Mind Planet energies as Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Uranus rules Aquarius. The Sun is realtime and our goals and purpose so we should be able to see in a ‘flash’ where we really ARE on our path to 5D awareness. To stay in 5D, we need to have a philosophy that allows us to SEE how we are OUT of 4D and into a new (Aquarius) reality (Sun).

It turns out that I should be posting my 5D segment of my 5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything videos tomorrow. I can’t wait for you to see them. The last few days has been VERY clarifying (Sun) in how to best pull it all into form (Saturn). But Jupiter and Uranus energies have given me the BEST help in making the ‘global’ ideas so easy to explain.

AND as the Sun meets Saturn Conjunct my Natal Chiron (which makes a Biquintile–double magic) to my Natal Black Moon Lillith (my Superhero Powers) in my 9th House by Sun Sign, I will have further help in presenting the Big Cosmological Picture from Monday to Wednesday as they are in tight enough orb!!!

This morning I was discussing my videos and ideas with a couple of friends and it was amazing how one of them was soooo getting it and how it shifted his entire perspective. Over the weekend a young guy told me that he had watched the videos 2x’s and needed to keep watching them in order to more fully grasp the big ideas and THEN he would make his comments to me.

If you feel inspired to share (Uranian thing!) these videos and my YouTube channel, I would be most grateful (Sun in Aquarius Conjunct my Natal Chiron).

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