Daily Aspects – Feb 10 – Soulful, Expansive Desires

On Wednesday, Venus in Capricorn will Trine Jupiter and the North Node in a 3-way aspect while the Sun is applying to make an Quincunx (adjustment) aspect to both of them as well. It will be an interesting feel.

Then on Saturday and morning, Mars in Scorpio will Sextile both Jupiter and the North Node giving us a very strong sense of our new soulful philosophy around work and how we are of service to others.

There are 2 other aspects in between these successive aspects to Jupiter and the North Node, but the energy will be strongly about what Jupiter and the North Node are doing in Virgo.

At 2:54am on Wednesday, Venus at 21:32 Capricorn Trines Jupiter Retrograde at 21:32 Virgo.

At 11:41am Venus at 21:59 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 21:59 Virgo.

These 2 aspects will be merged in feeling. Jupiter Conjunct the North Node is about us getting a higher perspective of things (Jupiter) as well as a Soulful perspective (North Node). It is a very big (Jupiter expands) Soul-Level lesson (North Node) around all Virgo things: health, fitness, service/duty/honor, work, co-workers, day-to-day activities, our busy-ness, bosses, first responders, military service, etc.

Venus in Capricorn is awakening our desires around our social status and public reputation and she wants to initiate some structures (Capricorn is initiating earth energy) around the way we are viewing our work/service philosophy. Venus may even agree to use some of her own resources to put these systems in place.

Here the Trine makes it very easy for her to achieve some recognition, perhaps, or to let her desires be felt for what systems we need to put in place to support these new desires.

At 2:28pm the Sun at 21:30 Aquarius Quincunx Jupiter Retrograde at 21:30 Virgo.

At 2:20am on Thursday morning, the Sun at 21:59 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 21:59 Virgo.

The Sun is meeting both Jupiter and the North ON THE SAME DEGREE as Venus is and there is only a variance of 2 minutes between their meetings with Jupiter. So these aspects are TIGHTLY connected.

While Venus is working out the ‘systems’ we need, the Sun is trying to get us to adjust our  philosophy as we consider some new, shocking, out-of-the-box ideas (Aquarius). This will create an adjustment across the board between our work and perhaps our desires for new systems and social status/recognition.

The Sun in Aquarius is asking us to see how equal our plans are for everyone. Aquarius is all about being universal and put together with Virgo, the phrase ‘universal healthcare’ or ‘equal work’ is sure to pop up in some form. Groups of people need to be considered here along with the big picture of Jupiter and the Soulful perspective of the North Node.

What this means is that we have many energies converging to work out our best new work/service philosophy. But be sure to allow the unexpected ideas (Sun in Aquarius) through that will make an adjustment to what your desires were just a few hours before.

On Saturday and Monday, as Mars in Scorpio Sextiles Jupiter and the North Node, we will have an idea of how transparency and ethics (Scorpio areas) will come into play as we seek to implement (Venus in Capricorn) any new work/service philosophy.

It is time to really begin to SEE (Sun) how universal (Aquarius) our new work/service philosophy really is and adjust it accordingly over the next few days.

This applies to your own ideas around the work YOU DO for others. So see how you now have a different approach to the way you work and why.

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