Daily Aspects – Feb 9 – Soulfully Motivated

At 2:15pm on Tuesday, Mars at 19:14 Scorpio Trines Chiron at 19:14 Pisces.

This is an easy, soulful feeling around motivation to share yourself emotionally, sexually, or simply intimately in exchange for the use of someone else’s money. You will be able to finally close any deal that you have been pushing to merge with another. The merging can be simply a business or investment arrangement, but your motives and actions will be purified by Chiron in the subconscious House of Pisces.

This is a wrap-up of several aspects Mars and Chiron have been part of over the last week. Make good use of the soulful ease that is on hand.

On Monday morning, I got to share my new videos on my youtube channel with a woman I know who is almost 84 years old. Around her 83rd birthday in 2014, I got to do an Astrology Reading for her that was the 1st pass of her Uranus Return Transit. She is an Aries Sun with Natal Uranus in Aries. It was quite an experience for her to consider the crazy things I talk about. But as we see each other quite a bit, she has gotten used to my ‘ideas’.

Of course she tries very hard to be a good person as she commented this morning. So I wanted to shake her up a bit and showed her my Theory of Everything videos:) She watched them! But she said she didn’t really understand any of it. You know this is such a common thing for people. Consciousness actually doesn’t often hit you in the face at the same time as you see something. When you are trying to shake off 84 years of Catholic guilt, its going to take more than MY short videos to do that.

BUT, rest assured, that something has shifted within her that wasn’t there before. Not in her Mercury mind, but in her subconscious mind and it will slowly (or rapidly if there is an aspect to shake her up again) unfold and shift her thinking.

She still has Uranus in her 1st House of self-awareness and her 9th House of higher consciousness by Rising Sign, so she is MEANT to open up to new things and new perspectives.

Its always fun to watch the mind open up. Just wanted to share that with you:) I mean, the segment of ‘God’ creating ‘Satan’, well, that is often hard to swallow when not presented in the context that I lay it out in. I would love to hear more comments from YOU as I can, and will be, editing some of this for greater and greater expression.

On another note, if you have been sleeping way more than usual, it seems to be these Squares of Saturn to Neptune that occur from Nov 26, 2015 (the 1st Square) to Sep 10, 2016 (the 3rd Square). The 2nd Square is Jun 17. They are dissolving structures in our lives around areas of law, foreign places, foreigners, higher learning institutions, senior things, religious and scientific research areas. I anticipate amnesty to illegals and us waking up to the reality of a global government (per Age of Aquarius upon us).

But in the meantime, more sleep is helping us to get in tune with the global (Sagittarius) changes that will be surfacing when their Squares are finished. So sleep if you can and work on lucid dreaming as a way to help you work with the morphing going on. This morphing will be affecting some area of your life. If you need to know more, I’m available for Readings based on Donation. If you can’t donate, no worries;)

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