Daily Aspects – Feb 7 – 3-Way of Passionate Desires

Saturday night and Sunday morning is going to bring up some passionate desire between the sexes. The Sun, Venus and Mars all contact each other throughout the day from 3 different Signs. This will be a very personal day likely involving you and one other. So its not going to be ground-breaking on the global front, but small changes add up to big ones when we all have to make some changes.

At 7:08am the Sun at 18:09 Aquarius Squares Mars at 18:09 Scorpio.

Unexpected clarity or change from the Sun in Aquarius is a challenge to Mars who is pursuing his passions. This is also a sort of ‘accident’ aspect when it involves Mars and Uranus (Aquarius) energies. So Mars, acting before he thinks, will accidentally run into some clarity and awareness around pursuing his passions for intimacy or sharing of resources. It will be helpful to have the clarity come first in this 3-way aspect.

At 10:01am Venus at 18:12 Capricorn Sextiles Mars at 18:12 Scorpio. 

Armed with clarity, Mars can work productively with his own resources (Venus) and social status (Capricorn) to seal a deal with someone. And Venus can ‘acquire’ a partner for her new social goals with Mars being clear about his intentions. Dad’s (Capricorn) could approve or other ‘authority-types’ as Venus uses her strokes to get her way.

At 4:59pm the Sun at 18:34 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Venus at 18:34 Capricorn.

And so, Venus now sees what Mars saw earlier and she can use this to her advantage in moving her project forward. She may have philanthropic ideas (Aquarius) around what to do with her soon-to-be merged resources and business opportunities. Or she may simply change her relationship status on FB… another way this could play out;)

This 3-way can be about business or intimate plans. There is some out-of-the-box (Aquarius) clarity (Sun) that allows both partners (Mars and Venus) to combine resources (Scorpio and Venus) for some good of the group (Aquarius) that enhances everyone’s social status (Capricorn).

See if you can spot these aspects in your life and learn to understand each of the Planetary energies for yourself. THAT would also be the Sun in Aquarius (Astrology)…;)

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