Daily Aspects – Feb 6 – Soulful Expression

As I write this around 11:15 on Friday, the Sun is just exacting the magic to the North Node in Virgo. Last night, as the Sun was exacting to Jupiter and the North Node, around midnight my 1st Twin Flame (from Apr 2014) showed up for a 90-min Soulful talk.

It was unexpected (Sun in Aquarius), but what a magical moment to reconnect after such a short magical time in 2014. You might all be experiencing this sort of thing with the magical aspect of the Sun in Aquarius to Jupiter and the North Node!!

And Friday night gets more passionate, but it is hard to beat a strong soulful connection as we are in right now. Make the most of it:)

And keep in mind that your Twin Flame is your signal that you are OUT of your KARMA and 4D. And that you are now playing with the magical aspects alone. Your mundane world has been left far behind and the headspace you are in now is soooo different.

So continuing on the ‘Soulful Quality’ of this weekend, we will have Mercury Trine both Jupiter and the North Node on Saturday while the Sun and Venus aspect Uranus in Aries…. crazy (Uranus) ideas anyone?

At 11:39am the Sun at 17:19 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus at 17:19 Aries.

Remember that on Thursday Mars Quincunx Uranus on this same degree so there may be more clarity around that story on Saturday. Uranus rules the Sun in Aquarius. Mars rules Uranus in Aries which means there is much shared energy between these 3 as they meet on the same degree though on different days. The clarity will be about HOW Mars can pursue his intimate sharing ideas in alignment with the good of the whole.

At 1:45pm Mercury at 21:52 Capricorn Trines Jupiter Retrograde at 21:52 Virgo.

Here the words will be expansive and healing around work/duty/service issues and anyone in some position of authority. I see a Trine as a Transitional 3D to 5D aspect so you can turn this ‘ease’ into a continuation of the magic the Sun made to Jupiter. But it will be involving some structures and authority into the picture and words will get expressed. You might tell your ‘boss’ what your new work philosophy is and how it fits in with the global needs of everyone around the Planet.

At 5:03pm Venus at 17:20 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 17:20 Aries.

Venus is reaching the furthest degree and minute that Pluto will Transit this year before he Retrogrades. Our ‘desires’ on Saturday may show us something of what is ahead when Pluto reaches this place on March 25. Uranus is still giving each of us our directions for finding our personal path to freedom. If we each follow Uranus’ lead in our own lives, we will CHANGE the entire governmental system without a drop of blood. And whatever DOES happen is just our Zombie Apocalypse of old 3D projections coming after us subconsciously. But today we will have CHANGED DESIRES!!! Changed in areas of father -like and public authority. So pay attention!

At 9:11pm Mercury at 22:11 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 22:11 Virgo.

This is, again, the 2nd half of a 3-way aspect of Mercury to both Jupiter and the North Node. The ‘ease’ will simply continue so try to shift it into a higher mode of magic and see how far you can get in changing your reality;) We NEED a new work philosophy… one that doesn’t enslave us to the ‘system?’ What that simply means is that we RAISE our consciousness above our ideas of ‘work’ and create a new reality around public structures and service to each other. We don’t need outside authorities to tell us what to do… if we ALL heed Uranus whenever we have an opportunity.

We are building up to the New Moon in Aquarius that occurs about 9:37am on Monday morning at 19:16 Aquarius. The Moon will ingress Aquarius around midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning. We will begin to feel the energy of the next month as the Moon and Sun Transit the same sign. It is a great time to FEEL what is ahead and to align with the goals and purpose of this New Moon.

For me, it is Conjunct my Midheaven, the cusp of my 10th House of career, public reputation and so forth. Really should edit that 4D video;)



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