Various Expressions on One Superhero Power

So over the weekend I had the opportunity to talk with Deb Pine from ‘At the Table’ on WordPress here. She was in the process of buying a house and was very busy, but for weeks she had been trying to get me her birth info via email and it wouldn’t go through… Mercury Retrograde.

Anyway, I had finished my 4D video (which needs a major work-over) and was needing an ‘echo’ as she calls it (bio-feedback) from someone and I felt like it ought to be here as she is in a larger pond of sharing than I have been over the last few years.

When I ran her Natal Chart, I instantly saw her Black Moon Lillith was just a few minutes from EXACTLY on my Natal Sun. It is also in her 9th House by Sun Sign, as my BML is as well. AND her Uranus, Jupiter, Moon Conjunction in her 12th House by Rising Sign are all Conjunct my Natal Mars and BML.

I plan to use her chart as an example in my Merlin Mind video segment as she has ALL 3 Higher Mind energies combined, plus the intuition of the Moon. Though a Conjunction can be harder energy to manage, she has a great grasp on it all.

When we were first talking, she had that she felt I was VERY NEAR the Sun. I laughed, guessing that was a compliment… lol… and told her that was her BML on top of my Natal Sun. I can provide some clarity to her Superhero Powers (BML).

But looking at both of our BMLs, which is where we both KNOW 5D energy without even trying (unless its our kryptonite because we don’t use it consciously), we have 2 different expressions of the same energy.

On Dec 10, 2010 I was tossing and turning on a Lunar Eclipse to my 12th House. And I kept hearing my-then ‘God voice’ saying, “I showed myself to 2 groups of people: the shepherds who saw an angel and the Magi followed the stars.”

I didn’t know about my Astrological BML placement, but I was VERY AWARE of my 5D channel which helped me write my novel, etc. (The 9th House rules publishing and Deb has 3 books herself).

However, Deb uses her BML in the angelic realm, as did the shepherds. And I use mine as did the Magi… I follow the stars.

If you lean in that direction, you may find her writings and sharings to be very helpful to you. I have only ever once really encountered any ‘angelic’ prophecies myself. At a craft show I was doing a woman bee-lined over to me to say she had something to tell me. She said that Archangel Michael (who battled Satan) was my ‘angel guide.’ I said if she knew about my life in the Middle East (where I went up against some hard Karma from my previous lives) she would know how true that must be. I was an ‘avatar’ (I think that is the word) holding together some very diverse, conflicting energies and it was extremely intense. I knew I needed to be there at that time to ‘hold the space’ as those with angelic realm BML’s would say.

The thing for me is… I discovered Astrology to be more easily ‘shareable’ as anyone can ‘see’ what I am talking about for themselves. However there is a great ‘echo’ that comes from Deb’s perspective that adds further dimension to what I ‘channel.’ I don’t often say ‘channel’ but when I was writing a 453-page novel, you know there was something else keeping me that still because my other BML placement is around MOVEMENT;)

Uranus rules Astrology and when Transiting Uranus Biquintiled (double-magic) my Natal Uranus as he ingressed Aries in March 2011, I began ‘sharing’ Astrology with others. The reason I like Astrology is that anyone can learn it or comprehend it… no matter their Superhero Power. Whether they do or not is entirely different matter.

Astrology brings in a timing that provides a strong ‘echo’ to anyone who is more skeptical of supernatural beings. But Jupiter RULES both SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY and QUANTUM PHYSICS/ASTRO PHYSICS (as I explain in my 4D video presentation–5D Astrology on Youtube).

BTW: Please keep in mind my Superhero Power is in CONSCIOUSNESS and NOT video-editing!! Don’t judge the ideas on my skill level of that just yet;)

Uranus demands UNIVERSALITY and Astrology easily meets that demand. My Natal Uranus makes a 5D aspect (magical) to my Natal Neptune and so it is an easier thing for me to grasp.

The cool thing was that Deb and I were on the same page. However, for those who work in the angelic realm, they DO tend to see ASCENSION as a total change of the body. Makes sense, right? They MIGHT become angelic. Idk? But one woman with this placement asked me, “When we ‘Ascend’ do we go to another Planet?” Deb and I didn’t discuss this, but I’m pretty sure this would not be her understanding.

I told that woman that the ASCENSION is in CONSCIOUSNESS and if we can CHANGE (Uranus) our PHYSICAL REALITY (Mercury) using our MERLIN MIND (all Higher Mind Planets), then TIME and SPACE mean nothing (or space-time).

5D is NOT about SPACETIME!! It is about KNOWING at the Soul Level.

Please feel free to check out Deb’s page and decide how you see we need to practice for ASCENDING. I have a story about this same concept, a Merkabbah, in my novel. I have looked at all of it.

The VAST, TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE I see coming is set to begin in earnest on the Solar Eclipse of Mar 8 when the 20-somethings have Transiting Pluto Conjunct their Natal Uranus/Neptune Conjunction in Capricorn.

Stand by for a new reality. Its not that our Souls DESIRE perfection again. If we did, we would choose to die on a Chiron Transit. But that we DESIRE to play in a human body KNOWING we are PLAYING and no longer cut-off from Source.

AND the Universe is doing the work for us. The Universe has wrapped up our 3D Karma and is working to wrap up our 4D higher consciousness philosophies that keep us from moving into 5D… that would be Saturn Square Neptune over this year.

I am making my novels because that is Transiting Uranus (in my 11th House of Astrology by Rising Sign) Biquintile my North Node (in my 11th House of Astrology by Sun Sign) for the 3rd pass. And Jupiter and the North Node Conjunct in my 11th House of Astrology right now.

Interestingly, Deb’s Natal Sun is on my South Node. She reminds me of my ‘ease’ from my past/concurrent lives. In this lifetime, I was to be more ‘scientific’ about my gifts and less nebulous… thus ‘5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything.’


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  1. So cool, thanks Beth, my last name tho is Penn, but yes indeed..I know Ascension in my world is expanding in consciousness. It is a higher or expanded wisdom, new skills from new intuition, manifesting/creating, and matured unconditional acceptance from our higher vantage point of consciousness. Indeed, that angelic realm is that dimension that is accessible through themail power of belief and faith, where indeed my frequency rises or vibrates faster, where I then walk beyond the bend of my light.
    It was an amazing adventure sharing conversation with you, and yes indeed, I am now knee deep in boxes at my current home and inspections athe my new home…crazy days of immense energy. I thank you for this sharing..Namaste’

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