Daily Aspects – Feb 5 – Soulful Passion

Continuing from yesterday’s post with a few of Friday’s aspects added to it, the rest of Friday afternoon and evening will be Soulful and passionate.

Early Friday (4:13am) the Sun Biquinitiled Jupiter and, in a 3-way aspect really, the Sun will meet the North Node, too.

At 11:58am the Sun at 16:19 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 22:19 Virgo.

Whatever magic occurred on Thursday night or early Friday morning is going to be given a Soulful clarifying body-wash with this aspect. You can’t really go wrong with so much Higher Mind energy (Jupiter, Aquarius) and the North Node (soulful) involved. Your ‘work ethic/philosophy’ is going to become soulfully ‘universal’ as an Aquarian would demand. This new philosophy should allow more freedom (Aquarius) for all as well. True efficiency (higher vibration of Virgo) should not be the old 3D martyrdom Virgo was known for.

Indeed, if we all worked together for the good of all, our work would be light and joyful as Jupiter energy would demand.

At 12:31pm Mars at 17:17 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus at 17:17 Aries.

If you are not motivated (Mars/Aries) for universal (Uranus) sharing of resources (Scorpio), you need to adjust (Quincunx) yourself to produce any results. That means you need transparency (highest vibration of Scorpio) AND a philanthropic (Uranus) objective to win over or to woo the right person here. It will be a worthwhile adjustment that will jive well with your new work/service philosophy. Scorpio really rules ‘ethics’ and so this new philosophy will be tested in terms that as well.

At 8:15pm Venus at 16:15 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 16:15 Capricorn.

This begins a new annual cycle around our 2 Money House Planets. Venus is our resources, our earned income and Pluto is the resources of others’, like debts, loans, taxes, alimony, child support, investment/business and through intimate sharing. Conjunct in Capricorn means they are both willing to initiate some structures to secure any agreement they might reach. It doesn’t have to be all about money either, Venus might offer a massage which brings Pluto to his own desires for more intimate contact.

Whatever your desires on Friday night, it is clear the heavens will NOT be supporting any old 3D come-ons or manipulation. You better put your desires out there clearly and be above-board for the Universe to respond with the magic earlier in the day (or Thursday night). All negotiations MUST align with the most Soulful, Big Picture, Universal intentions possible. Put structures in place that secure the highest good, or when Venus Squares Uranus on Saturday, early evening, the girl is going to KNOW if you were above-board or not;) OR she will make the CHANGES necessary to create her new desires… much better when to use this energy.

We can’t create a new heaven and new earth with the lower vibrations of 3D and 4D. We must ALL come to completion with our Dualities and wait for a MAGICAL reality to be seen. You can make your Reality MAGICAL right NOW with these 5D aspects to Jupiter and the North Node from the Sign of Aquarius (which Uranus rules).

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