Daily Aspects – Feb 3 – All Sex-tiled Up!

Today is a productive day, that’s what 3 Sextiles would say;) Mars, Mercury and the Sun meet with some heavy-weights to bring us, finally, some action, words and clarity.

With the Sun so far ahead of the other 3 Personal Planets, we can see what is supposed to be there, but there are no other energies to help them manifest just yet.

Today will help us to notice some movement.

At 5:53am Mars at 16:11 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 16:11 Capricorn.

Its always a better day when these 2 get together productively. Mars and Pluto, sort of co-rule Scorpio energy, though they are all morphing a bit. In 3D, Mars and Pluto will violence and aggressive action. But in 5D, well, they are all about motivation to merge that come from no resistance (aka Karma) to it.

So today, men (Mars) will be pursuing lovers (Scorpio) with some help of bringing them some social status (Capricorn) to accompany it. Or we could see that our motivations for merging get a nod from someone in authority. This can be a ‘business’ proposition as well. Though words are short, if non-existent, with Mars in the picture.

At 7:36am Mercury at 18:54 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 18:54 Pisces.

Mercury is fresh from meeting with both Pluto and Uranus in their loose Square that takes us back to the 2012-2015 energies. So he is onto something new as he prepares to Trine Jupiter and the North Node on Feb 6 (Saturday).

The 7 Squares of Uranus to Pluto were bringing us ‘drastic change’ as we each sought our individual path to freedom (Uranus in Aries) away from any corrupt father-like authority (Pluto in Capricorn). Now Jupiter and the North Node are helping us to reframe our ‘work ethic’ from a big picture, soulful perspective. Uranus and Pluto began this current cycle around the mid-60’s when they were both Conjunct at 16 degrees Virgo.

Mercury could be bearing words or other form of expression that shows the ‘drastic change’ you have been through and how it is now helping you to shape your new ‘work ethic.’

You will have some soulful (Chiron) assistance in expressing your new thoughts.

At 1:17pm the Sun at 14:20 Aquarius Sextiles Saturn at 14:20 Sagittarius.

Whenever Uranus energy (Aquarius) and Saturn energy meet, we have a changing of the status quo. Here it is a productive change, but it may be unexpected nevertheless. However, what is most likely to change is your sense of ‘reality’ (Sun). You could find that you see something in a surprising new way that you used to believe was truth (Sagittarius rules our philosophies). Saturn in Sagittarius, with Neptune, is dissolving the structures of our old higher consciousness crutches: churches, scientific research, etc. as both are mirror images of higher consciousness in 4D.

So you could have some revelatory clarity today around what is dissolving for you as you are seeing more universal truths (Aquarius/Uranus) that will better serve you and the entire global family.

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