Daily Aspects – Jan 31 – Mercury Square Uranus

Let the awareness be expressed! It will bring growth and orient us towards freedom and away from ‘power’.

At 10:41pm on Sunday night, Mercury at 17:09 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 17:09 Aries.

This can bring any form of unexpected expression and communication. It will be revelatory and shake up the status quo! And we NEED THAT!

God-like revelation will show you WHAT these young 20-somethings will be up to beginning this March with their VAST, TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE to our entire reality!! Let the games begin:)

Pluto will be at this degree March 13 as he begins to Conjunct the Uranus/Neptune Conjunction of those born in 1992.

There will likely be some revelation on Sunday that points to what they will be getting ready to make a reality in March.

AND you can expect to hear some revelation that will help you to pursue YOUR path to freedom away from any corrupt, father-like authority that you are dealing with.

Uranus is shocking and surprising. If you don’t heed his flashes of insight, you will find yourself crippled with migraines and other headaches. But when you DO follow his flashes, you will find yourself SO FREE!! Uranus will NOT let you down.

DO the shocking… DO the unexpected… shake things UP… get OUR of your RUT… get into the vibe of the NEW REALITY.

Go for it!!

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