4th Dimension Portion of my Theory of Everything (TOE)

I have finally completed this segment!! Yay! It felt like living through 4D all over again;) Whew! So glad it is behind me.

Things were tied together as I proceeded that I hadn’t really anticipated, but that IS consciousness.

This was 3 intense days to pull together. If you are having trouble viewing these videos, you can subscribe to my ‘5D Astrology’ channel on Youtube.

Without further ado…

Next is the 5th Dimension!!!

One thought on “4th Dimension Portion of my Theory of Everything (TOE)

  1. Is Neptune the reason my head keeps hurting? Until I get to encounter what has been drawing me to Cheboygan will my head continue to ache? Tell me what my super powers are. I pretty much already know, but need confirmation.

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