Daily Aspects – Jan 30 – All over the Map

On Friday night we have one aspect I missed in yesterday’s post.

At 6:56pm Mars at 13:58 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 13:58 Sagittarius.

This is a minor energy that productively merges our motivation for sharing ourselves and use of other peoples’ money with being accountable to the big picture. Hmmm… seem like a lot to accomplish with one small aspect. For the most part, you will consider how your motivations align with some higher consciousness or big picture perspective. And that is probably a worthwhile contemplation. Though the action will be over without much thought, typically.

At 15:58am early Saturday, Mercury at 16:03 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 16:03 Capricorn.

This is Mercury’s 3rd and final pass to Pluto as he is moving through the 3rd Phase (3rd pass) of his Retrograde cycle. Pluto is in new territory over the last few weeks so there may be some new issues surfacing from someone who is misusing their authority over you. Don’t forget that the energy goes both ways and it could be YOU that is misusing your authority;) Without any intention, people will FEEL Pluto’s energies and attribute it to you regardless. That is how it works.

But on his final pass, Mercury should have some final words around what Pluto is transforming for you. Which House do you have 16:03 Capricorn in? That will show WHO will be speaking to you or you to them. AND we know the energy has something to do with your social status, public reputation and the structures/systems you initiate (Capricorn).

At 11:44am Venus at 8:25 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 8:25 Pisces.

This is a very nice aspect between our desires for social status and our subconscious mind. It will be as if any old blocks in our minds are removed allowing us to get close to someone. Or we may be able to acquire some new resources without any old fears blocking it.

Its a rather busy day of minor aspects from 3 Personal Planets to some heavy-weight Planets. Tying the storyline together is probably not easy. So watch which individual stories each of these aspects is affecting and be aware that it is the energies and you need to simply BE in them.

Your reaction to the energies determines the Dimension you are operating from;)

But today I hope to finish the 4th Dimensional video. I’m looking forward to any helpful comments or your impressions:)

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    1. The donation part probably comes from his Uranus Conjunct Neptune in Capricorn!! So he is paving the path for gifting over payment;) I still need to clean up my store on here, but haven’t had any real need to yet!! Thanks for sharing:) soulfully, beth

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