Daily Aspects – Jan 29 – Soulful Magic

Wow! It will be a great night on Thursday to be out or working like a dog (Jupiter Conjunct North Node in Virgo) because the magic (Quintile) will be on tap and helping you to achieve some results (Capricorn) that you have been desiring (Venus).

At 12:50am Venus at 6:38 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 18:38 Pisces.

Venus in Capricorn has us working to achieve some new social status or position. We are desiring foundations that allow us to acquire any resources we want. Chiron in Pisces is helping us to end our Soul-Level pain down here so we can move into a new collective unconscious. Venus is a Healing Planet anyway, so this is the very best of both worlds: little pain from Chiron, healing from Venus and magic between them both.

You could find that you achieve one of your dreams tonight.

Then at 1:40am Jupiter Retrograde at 22:32 Virgo Conjuncts the North Node at 22:32 Virgo for the final time.

Though they exact this Conjunction again, they will both be on this degree for the next few days as well before Jupiter separates as he will move faster in Retrograde than the North Node.

You know what this aspect is about. I have written about it several times. Or go into the archives to see what has been said.

Why am I putting you off? Well, because… I HAVE WORK TO DO!! So Virgo of me… but that IS where my Soul’s Path is at 11:58 Virgo. And the pages of the presentation keep popping into my head. I know the presentation, but each slide is becoming clearer.

Remember that the Sun has been bringing us clarity all week and now I have Transiting Uranus (revelation) in Biquintile (double magic) for his final pass to my North Node in Virgo and IT IS TIME to get this stuff wrapped up and out the door!!

Today may be my favorite part to work: the Dimensions Explained!! It will be soooo clarifying for most people.

Talk soon! Now go achieve your desires tonight, too:)



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  1. Great gifts Beth. I am looking forward to the next video!
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    1. Just sitting down to do ‘The Dimensions Explained!’ This is going to be one of my favorites and I’m getting better at each step of it;) Nice to hear from you! much love to mom, too

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