Daily Aspects – Jan 28 – Seeing thru the Fog

At 3:45pm on Thursday, the Sun at 8:22 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 8:22 Pisces.

Though a minor aspect, this one should prove helpful in the scheme of things. Neptune in Pisces is bringing an end to our old 3D lives and helping us to achieve a new collective mind. In 5D, it won’t be SUBCONSCIOUS anymore. As Merlins, this will be the collective, god-head mind we all draw from. With Chiron also in Pisces, we are arriving at an ending of our old 3D wounds as we are being birthed again into a higher consciousness realm.

But what exactly they are doing can be hard to pin down. So when the Sun, from the Sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus (another Higher Mind), meets Neptune, we get a chance to see through Neptune’s shroud of fog that is dissolving things. We can get glimpses of clarity around what is really going on at 8+ Pisces.

Remember that Neptune has already had one exact Square from Saturn at the end of November at 7:02 degrees. These 2 Karmic Planets created our old 3D and 4D realities. Now Saturn is working with Neptune to dissolve those old structures. They have 2 more exact Squares this summer: Jun 17 at 12:02 degrees and Sep 10 at 10:24 degrees.

The Sun in Aquarius is shocking, unexpected clarity. So we just might get some good insight into what really is going on.

Just this week the small town I live in had a Priest run away, essentially. While he has some very big personal Transits going on, this is an example of Saturn and Neptune dissolving (Neptune) our 3D religious (Sagittarius) structures (Saturn). The Priest himself had Jupiter Conjunct the North Node Squaring his own Nodes of Fate… tough energy to ignore! This means that his South Node is in Sagittarius. In his past or concurrent life, he was/is a Priest as well. He was repeating some of this energy in this life due to Karmic Transits. But his Soul’s Path (North Node) is in Gemini in his 8th House of intimacy by Sun Sign. He, ran off to join a friend of his in California. Jupiter Square his Nodes of Fate is long-distance travel as well.

While it certainly is shocking, you can see his motivations clearly. His Natal Juno is in Sagittarius and Saturn was just Conjunct it. Juno shows ‘who’ we might ‘marry.’ And he ‘married the church,’ right? But Saturn is also applying to Square his Natal Chiron in Pisces (14+ degrees) and he will have some guilt to deal with around the way he went about his change. OH, and let’s not forget the urgency and unexpectedness of it came from Transiting Saturn Square his Natal Uranus in Virgo, the Sign of service. This brings a nearly split-second decision to SHAKE UP the status quo. And that he did.

At the Soul-Level, as Jupiter and the North Node would encourage us all to view this from that perspective, his actions are completely understandable. And they should be supported. But the Saturn Square Chiron suggests that it won’t go down without a great amount of angst. But Jupiter and the North Node will be helping him to create a new philosophy around the ways he is REALLY meant to serve.

Expect to see far more of this sort of thing… especially from those born between 1964-1966. And those born around 1985 as Saturn Conjuncts their Uranus.

How does this tie-in? Well, see what the Sun is showing you about what Neptune is dissolving for you. You no doubt have a bigger, personal story going on that is explainable by all the Personal Transits you have at the moment. If you would like a Personal Reading, let me know. It is by donation only…. no set fees at all.

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