The Theory of Everything Presentation BEGINS!

Well, it has been process to get to this first segment. But here is just the very intro. As you should know, Jupiter Retrograde Conjunct the North Node at 22 degrees Virgo all this week is putting Jupiter in my 11th House by Sun Sign. I have had Uranus Transiting my 11th House by Rising Sign for roughly 4.5 years now and with the Sun in Aquarius this week, you can’t get much more Astrology, Self and Soul Awareness than all of this.

I promise you will see less of my face over the rest of the presentation;) You will be seeing Stars!… and Charts!… other essential images that tell the story of the Theory of Everything according to 5D Astrology. Look out world!!

Please share these segments. Maybe starting tomorrow when I get into more meat;)

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