Mercury Stations Direct at 4:50pm Today

At 4:50pm on Monday afternoon, Mercury at 14:55 Capricorn Stations Direct.

We will be looking through a new lens now around the areas where we have 14:55 Capricorn to 1:01 Aquarius in our charts. Mercury rules our physical/conscious mind. What the Bible calls the ‘vanity mind’ and what tends to trip men up as they follow their own separation consciousness (aka 3D) thinking. In 5D, Mercury should be your LENS to the physical world ONLY;)

On his final pass to through these degrees, Mercury will be stabilizing his view of things as he integrates the new information collected during this Retrograde pass.

I try never to get too caught up in Mercury events because he is a fickle one anyway. But he is a useful energy if you know how best to use him.

Those with Mercury Retrograde in their Natal charts will have the most work to do. They were born with challenges to communicating. Their lens is always looking over their shoulders rather than ahead of them and they can stay very stuck in situations for a long time. It is a very special placement to help them work through many issues, but it is disconcerting to those around them.

These natives typically are labeled with ‘learning disabilities’ as it takes them longer to internalize what they have heard and incorporate it. They make up about 8% of the population, but lately I feel surrounded by many of them! Interesting… have been closely watching their reactions to this Retrograde cycle.

All Mercury Retrograde cycles are ties to other cycles in repeating circles where we need to re-visit people, places or things and take them into deeper introspection.

But for the next 3 weeks, we can expect things to get settled into their forward direction until he begins another Retrograde cycle and puts a special twist on the events of this one. The good news is that he tends to always TRINE his last cycle degrees so that it does move things along more easily.


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