Daily Aspects – Jan 25 – Magical Clarity

The next 48 hours should contain a great amount of clarity that bursts forth in some magical way.

At 7:19am on Monday morning, the Sun at 4:57 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 16:57 Aries.

Uranus rules Aquarius and therefore rules the Sun in Aquarius right now. We can expect to have some unexpected clarity that flashes right before our eyes providing us with some big revelations. Uranus comes through in flashes of lightning (like Saul got hit with on the road to Damascus back in the day when Christ had his ‘hood). Uranus in Aries has been bringing each of us (Aries rules the individual) flashes of insight to get us on our own personal paths to freedom. If you are blocking his crazy, radical, bizarre, out-of-the-box ideas, you may have been getting migraines or other types of headaches as Aries rules the head and the Crown Chakra. If you don’t freely allow Uranus to come through, he can make you rather uncomfortable… temporary blindness (remember Saul?), migraines, seizures and other challenges as he tries to get you out of the rut of your current lifestyle.

The Sun in Aquarius is trying to provide us some clarity around Uranian energies such as the social network/media, groups of people, universal concepts, freedom, equality, hopes, wishes and dreams (especially to save the world as all Aquarians want to do), philanthropy, enlightenment, self-awareness, Astrology, etc.

This magical aspect between our ‘universal purpose’ (Sun in Aquarius) and our ‘individual path to freedom’ (Uranus in Aries) will allow us to see revelatory ways that we can work to free ourselves by applying universal ideas. Like the African word, ‘Ubuntu’ (which means ‘how can I be happy if my neighbor has not?’), we may arrive at some far-out ideas that allow for OUR paths to jive with the path for each and all of us.

Uranus is actually ‘soulful revelation’. The only out-of-the-box (or out of the body) thinking we can have is thinking that comes from our souls. That Soul-Level thinking is what gives us freedom from the limitations of our physical reality.

So when some crazy ideas pop into your head over the next 2 days, be sure to allow them through. Be sure to look them over. Be sure to get excited about how fricking mind-blowing these ideas REALLY ARE. Be sure to act on them and think about implementing them in your life. No Mercury thinking, cuz he is Retrograde and not in his best mind anyway. Allow these ideas to SHOW YOU how you can get out of the rut of your life and unto some new revelatory path that sets your mind on fire. And changes how you SEE (Sun) everything!! Go for it! Your Soul wants MORE experiences… not less;) Play with this energy and see how you can shake up your life to live it more uniquely (a very Uranian ideal;)


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