Daily Aspects – Jan 23 – Expansive, Soulful Service

At 5:49am on Saturday morning, Jupiter Retrograde at 22:52 Virgo Conjuncts the North Node at 22:52 Virgo.

These 2 have been within orb of their Conjunction for 3-4 weeks now and actually Conjunct again on Jan 29 at 22:32 Virgo. So the next week will be the most INTENSE time of their energies merging to show us something very big (Jupiter) and very Soulful (North Node) around all things Virgo: health, fitness, work, workplace, jobs, co-workers, food production, diet, room-mates, housing situations, service, military service, servers, first responders, duty, volunteering and so forth.

You need to pay attention to the Soulful philosophy you are developing around these areas because they are KEY areas that we have been drastically changing via the Uranus/Pluto Opening Squares of their cycle (they were Conjunct in Virgo in 1966) from Jun 2012 – Mar 2015. Now with Jupiter AND the North Node meeting there, Opposite Pisces, where both Neptune and Chiron are Transiting now, we have some serious RELATIVITY going on around our daily activities and our subconscious mind where we dissolve things to end them.

Add to that Saturn’s 3 Squares to Neptune (dissolving structures) between Nov 2015 and Sep 10, 2016 and we have many energies affecting Virgo areas of our lives. Some seem to be indirectly affecting Virgo, but there are major cycles at work here highlighting that area of our lives. We will likely NOT be working the same way that we have been since the Baby-Boomers wrote their deal in the 1950s. The early 20-somethings will be bringing us their new ideas here very soon as Pluto Conjuncts their Natal Uranus/Neptune Conjunction in Capricorn from 2016-2017 for those with the tightest orb.

So what you begin to sense is going on in your big picture thinking in these areas is going to serve us well over the next 12 (Jupiter) to 18.5 (North Node) year cycles until they each return to Virgo again. We will see things at 6 years and 9 years as they move through Pisces.

For me, it is DEFINITELY the videos of me presenting how 5D Astrology IS the Theory of Everything. Have been revising them over the last few days and getting them prepared for their unveiling very soon. Virgo is my 11th House of revelation by Sun Sign. Jupiter and the North Node have been adding to my Soul Awareness around the big picture (Theory of Everything is pretty big, right?, but small, too;)

What are you getting from their Conjunction? Be sure to take time to reflect to see what is shifting in you.

We have another minor aspect on Saturday.

At 5:56pm the Sun at 3:22 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 18:22 Pisces.

This is a ‘Soul Awareness’ type aspect that is a bit irritating. Aquarius is ‘awareness’ energy and Chiron is ‘Soulful.’ The Sun will bring some clarity to what Chiron is dissolving while in Pisces. The Sun’s clarity can help us to be find gratitude for any pain Chiron has brought us through as it is THIS experience our Souls asked for in the first place.

So remember gratitude and you will be fine;)

At 8:45pm the Moon at 3:29 Leo Opposes the Sun at 3:29 Aquarius creating the Full Moon in Leo.

The Leo/Aquarius axis shows us something of ourselves in contrast to our social network. Or ‘our show’ in relation to what the group’s show is. Or our creativity vs. group-think. Or our own gratification vs. what is good for all. These are the issues up for review at this Full Moon. The last New Moon was in Capricorn so the energies don’t seem to match up with what was ‘seeded’ at the New Moon. In this case, we get to see how we feel about our Leo/Aquarius areas of life before the New Moon brings a ‘fresh start’ in this area on Feb 8.

Keep your head about you. You could see some shocking and surprising things out and about on Saturday night;) Let’s hope so anyway! I love the novel and crazy!

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