Daily Aspects – Jan 22 – Mercury Rx Meets Pluto

About 11:00am on Wednesday, the Sun ingress Aquarius bringing a change around the focus of our goals and objectives. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is a Sign of surprise, unexpected, bizarre things. It also rules self-awareness, Astrology and all types of 4D esoteric ideas. But Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign that wants to save the world. Aquarius energy is ‘group-think’, equality, the social network, universal ideas as well as where our hopes, wishes and dreams should come to fruition. Aquarius/Uranus rule acquaintances as opposed to Libra which rules close friends or Gemini which rules classmates (the other 2 Air Signs).

When the Sun is in this Sign, we will have some clarity around the new ways we will be going about things as we all ascend into 5D consciousness. This will be a very helpful month for you to find your way out of any rut you have in your life. Watch for flashes of clarity to come through that cause you to do the unexpected or to set a goal to do the unexpected. As the Sun Squares Mars here in about 10 days, you may actually begin to act on any crazy ideas that pop into your head between now and then.

But on Friday, we have just one aspect.

At 4:59am Mercury Retrograde at 15:47 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 15:47 Capricorn.

This is the 2nd pass of Mercury to Pluto. His 1st pass was on Dec 19 at 14:38 Capricorn. And his 3rd pass will be on Jan 30 at 16:03 Capricorn. Friday’s pass is the review of what was expressed on the 1st pass. Watch to see how your plans have changed. See what gets expressed. It will have something to do with your public reputation, career or social status. But may be more about the House energy where you have 15:47 Capricorn in your Natal Chart.

See if you can figure out what energies are being revised and watch how it will all sort itself out on the 3rd pass, which will be the final word for a few months anyway. The next change can come about at the next Mercury Retrograde roughly 4 months down the road, but the story will take a slightly different twist.

Mercury just Squared Uranus on Wednesday and we should have had some flashes of insight that opened up some new ideas for us as to what needs revising. Now we will running any revised ideas up against some father-like or public authority. Let’s see how it holds water and makes for a better agreement between parties.

We are just one day away from the exact Conjunct of Jupiter Retrograde to the North Node at 22:52 Virgo.

By now we should have some sense of what this aspect is showing us. Jupiter is helping us to create a new philosophy, big picture perspective around all things Virgo: health, work, workplace, service, duty, volunteering, roommates, living situations. The North Node is providing us with some Soul-Level lessons around these same areas of our lives (as well as the area of your life (House) where you have 22:52 Virgo in your Natal Chart.

See what it is you are creating a new philosophy around and notice how these points work in our lives.


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  1. Hi Beth,
    You had asked me for my birth date and such a while back and I sent it, but never heard back from you. I know you were having some Internet issues anyway…did you get that info Beth? Just curious. Thanks. I am feeling immense energy stimulating my journey. New doors are appearing. Thanks for this great guidance…Namaste’

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