Daily Aspects – Jan 20 – Magical Desires

Tuesday and Wednesday night hold the promise of some major breakthrough around aligning our new 5D desires with our subconscious. Make bold gestures to show you care and you might find the outcome to be very magical indeed.

There is also awareness pouring in at the same time, which will really serve to keep our 3D mind, Mercury, in 5D check so there won’t be any hiccups to you moving into your magical desires. You might find it assists you in taking your desires from the subconscious realm and seeing them manifest very quickly.

Here’s the lineup:

At 11:09am Venus at 26:05 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune at 8:05 Pisces.

Here we have an magical aspect between our desires and the collective unconscious. In other words, there will be a magical path open for you to realize your new 5D desires. The magic aspect ensures that there should be no resistance within our mind where we are all connected so that you will be desiring something that you are not competing over. It is MEANT for you. Or another way of saying this is that you won’t have any fear that you WON’T get your desires and so the path becomes magical. Fear is the only inhibitor to our achieving our desires. Without any fear, which doesn’t exist in the magical aspect, you can move mountains with your finger;) Don’t anticipate it… just relax into it.

With Venus in Sagittarius, your desires are likely to be magnanimous and coming from your Higher Mind, Jupiter. So watch the magic.

At 1:26pm Mercury Retrograde at 16:50 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 16:50 Aries.

This is god-like revelation overriding our lower mind. If you had plans you didn’t want to change, then you will feel the 3D challenge. If you operate by your Higher Minds already, you won’t have any struggle from this. You will see that this aspect is magically assisting the aspect above as the changes may help you to live out that magical ‘dream’ of realizing your desires.

Watch for any new awareness that comes in and embrace it as necessary to moving forward. With Mercury looking back, you want Uranus’ flashes to light up what is ahead, what is new, what is freeing.

These 2 aspect reminds me of ‘Cinderella’. Just as it looks like all are going to the ball without her, yet she feels the magic pulling her towards her dream (Venus Quintile Neptune), when a Fairy Godmother shows up, she has a choice to make (Mercury Square Uranus): accept it as part of the entire path to realizing that dream or let her lower mind keep her from accepting this gift because Fairy Godmothers don’t really exist, right?

To stay in 5D, you must accept whatever pops up and learn to move in the magic of it all. Once you embrace the Fairy Godmother, its not a huge leap to imagine your animal friends sewing you a new dress in a matter of minutes;)

Magic is like that! That’s why the physical reality IS NOT where your minds need to be… you want to PLAY with the physical by using your Higher Mind magic!


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