Daily Aspects – Jan 19 – Soulful Day

On Tuesday we have 2 aspects from Mars and Mercury Retrograde (Personal Planets) to the North Node and Chiron (Soulful point and Asteroid), respectively.

AT 12:50am (so we feel this Tuesday evening) Mars at 8:26 Scorpio Semi-Squares the North Node at 23:26 Virgo.

Venus just Squared the North Node yesterday giving us a look at some of our new Soulful desires around service, through use of our own resources, to a bigger/global perspective. Now, Mars in Scorpio is trying to work himself into a ‘sharing of resources’ arrangement and he is getting a bit of irritation here from the North Node to approach things soulfully. This aspect puts Mars in a Ses-Square to the South Node in Pisces where an adjustment brings an ease. So Mars’ solution to any irritation is to work with any subconscious hiccups he feels in order to move in a direction that results in ease.

1:29am Mercury Retrograde at 18:09 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 18:09 Pisces.

Here we should have some words or a dream (Pisces) that expresses how we are making revisions to our social status, career path, public reputation or the structures of our lives in order to manage any lingering 3D pain that comes up. We have the assistance of Chiron here so it is a good time to work through any duality/Karma that we have not yet resolved.

I have been making many references to the ‘big picture’ lately as the Personal Planets have all been aspecting Jupiter which rules the big picture and with Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius, the Sign Jupiter rules, I thought it was time to put things in a bigger perspective and look at where the Planets ARE right now.

Aries, the natural 1st House: Uranus

Virgo, the natural 6th House: Jupiter and the North Node.

Scorpio, natural 8th House: Mars

Sagittarius, the natural 9th House: Venus and Saturn

Capricorn, the natural 10th House: Sun, Mercury Retrograde and Pluto

Pisces, the 12th House: Neptune, Chiron and the South Node

This means that most of the energy right now is in ‘public houses’ (Houses 7-12) that are above the horizon on the Earth’s chart which has 0 Aries as the Ascendant.

We have some key 5D points and Asteroids in other Houses, but for most of us, keeping track of the Planets is enough for right now.

Looking at the order of things, we see that our ego/real-time and purpose/goals (Sun) as well as our thoughts, ideas and expression (Mercury) are ahead of our desires (Venus) and our motivations (Mars). As we set new goals, we need to remember that other aspects of our Personal energy will not be acting on that goals for a while. Venus needs to align our desires with those goals when she reaches Capricorn on Jan 23.

But Mars is going to Retrograde on Apr 18 at 8:54 Sagittarius, back to 23:03 Scorpio and not enter Capricorn until Sep 9 of this year. So, as for the necessary motivation and actions we would want to apply, we will have to rely on our own unique Natal Chart energies to fill in any gaps to the new agenda being set by the Sun and Mercury.

There is a time and a season for everything under the Sun. Our various Personal energies (Sun/purpose, Moon/feelings, Mercury/ideas, Venus/desires, Mars/motivation are not in sync operating in the same energies. But this makes for all the very unique ways that we will all go about moving into the new purpose and ideas that the Sun and Mercury created at their Inferior Conjunction.

Uranus is infusing each individual with new revelations of a new world that lies ahead. Jupiter is helping us to create new day-to-day activities that fit in with a global perspective. Mars wants intimacy and sharing. Venus and Saturn are working on response-able desires for a global philosophy. Sun and Mercury are revising our ‘structures and systems’ to support what is coming as Pluto is still plowing through Capricorn. Neptune and Chiron are wrapping up our old 3D ways and birthing us into the new enlightened age. It helps to keep things in perspective!! Thank you, Jupiter, for the mind that does this for us:)


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