Daily Aspects – Jan 18 – Lots of Movement

There are 5 aspects on Monday that will keep us all on our toes as 3 Personal Planets (Venus, Mars and the Sun) meet 2 Higher Mind Planets (Jupiter and Neptune), 2 Karmic Planets (Saturn and Neptune) and the Soulful North Node.

At 12:10am, just after midnight, Venus at 23:05 Sagittarius Squares Jupiter Retrograde at 23:05 Virgo.

Jupiter rules Venus right now as she Transits his Sign of Sagittarius. These are our 2 Healing Planets so the Square aspect won’t be as hard, and you should be managing these old 3D aspects with some 5D awareness anyway;) But here we can expect to have our new, expanded desires working to align with our new philosophy around work and health issues. Anyone who is still struggling with major health problems needs to really get some cosmological perspective here to see that it is their old 3D lens that causes those manifestations. Today you might just get a dose of 5D awareness to rise above your physical challenges.

At 6:01am Mars at 8:01 Scorpio Trines Neptune at 8:01 Pisces.

Here there will be some great help to Mars as he tries to secure some sharing situations. He wants some intimacy or the use of someone else’s resources and Neptune helps him to find a clear path through his motives so he can secure something that feels right to him.

At 7:59am Mars at 8:04 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter Retrograde at 23:04 Virgo.

These aspects are so closely timed and are overlapping creating a synergy that is going to take us into new territory. After Neptune helps Mars to get a handle on how to approach his intimate dealings, Mars is going to have them tested by Jupiter to see if they align with our new philosophy around work and service. Does Mars’ proposal for transparency and honesty fit the bill that is required to be truthful service?

At 8:05am Venus at 23:29 Sagittarius Squares the North Node at 23:29 Virgo.

Here Venus is going to get a Soulful perspective of how her new desires to fit into the big picture of service to the global, big picture. Can her own resources be expanded in some way in order to have a more abundant supply to serve others?

As Mars and Venus ponder all their Soulful philosophies around mine and your resources, the Sun steps in with a different take entirely.

At 10:05am the Sun at 27:57 Capricorn Semi-Squares Saturn at 12:57 Sagittarius.

Saturn in Sagittarius is holding us accountable to a new global philosophy of accountability and response-ability to the big picture.

The Sun is ruled by Saturn as the Sun moves through Capricorn. So the clarity here will be a great help to showing us how Saturn is really working to show us 5D accountability to the  cosmological perspective.

After this massive flurry of activity and clarity to kick off our morning, the rest of the day has no further aspects until Mars meets the North Node on Tuesday morning.

But see if you can feel the pull of Jupiter’s impending Conjunction to the North Node in Virgo that will exact on Jan 23. We are getting a great new perspective on how to be of service to the big picture that will greatly assist us in changing our 3D ideas into 5D philosophies.


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