Daily Aspects – Jan 15 – Subconscious Expression

At 1:31am on Friday morning, Mercury Retrograde at 22:55 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 7:55 Pisces.

Fresh from the 4-way aspect involving his Inferior Conjunction to the Sun, Mercury is now needing to address some small irritation buried in his subconscious mind.

He is very much prepared for this task with all of the Higher Mind and Soulful energy, as well as clarity, he was infused with yesterday as he met with the Sun.

Our lower mind is our 3D/Karmic mind and it is one that we need to learn to ignore if we want to resolve Karma and move into our convergent mind of 5D.

In this aspect, Neptune will bring something to Mercury’s attention that will irritate his ego a bit, but is for our greater good to heed and deal with.

Anytime you can allow your subconscious to come through, you are moving towards higher consciousness. It is all a part of the process of purging Karma and 3D fear. So allow it!

What is being reviewed here, as Mercury is on his 2nd of 3 passes to this degree, is something that was spoken about on Christmas Day. On his Phase 1 of his Retrograde cycle  Mercury is getting carried away with himself and discussing ideas that may or may not become reality. Now on this 2nd pass, as Mercury gets irritated by Neptune, we will see Mercury revising his words, thoughts, ideas and plans in order to  be more in line with our collective unconscious/god-head mind of Neptune.

I hope you have felt some clarity about things over the last week. It has been a very big array of energy that will help us to rise above the ‘limiting’ ideas of Mercury’s energy. We are now infused with 5D energies in our lower mind and are flowing with all that is.

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