Daily Aspects – Jan 14 – Inferior Conjunction

The big day has arrived. And this really IS a Big One!! Not only will the Sun and Mercury meet to put our thoughts and words in sync with reality, but they both will Trine the North Node and Mercury will Trine Jupiter as well! AND these aspects on Wednesday and Thursday will ALL occur at 23+ degrees of the Virgo and Capricorn making this like a 4-way aspect for BOTH DAYS!!

Our lower mind, Mercury, has rarely had this kind of Higher power behind it during an Inferior Conjunction. It is very possible that many will LEAVE behind their 3D minds and begin to move/flow through life with the guiding of their Higher Minds. Mercury simply becomes a lens for viewing the physical world as you move into 5D.

The line-up goes like this:

At 1:12am the Sun at 23:30 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 23:30 Virgo.

Here we will have an earthy (Capricorn and Virgo are Earth Signs), practical feel towards our new goals around work/health/service (Virgo) and career/public reputation and systems of support. AND we will set goals that align with our Souls (North Node). We will see how our work in Soulful service to others begins to create (Sun) a new public structure that to support it all.

On a personal level, you will see how service to others IS part of being the head of the family (Capricorn rules father-like authority). An example of this can be seen if we remember how our police used to be ‘peace officers’ that actually served the community rather than the ‘authorities’ we now fear. Can we return to a system where we are all peace officers (Virgo rules this type of service) and don’t really need a uniform (Capricorn) to do it?

The Trine here allows us to move from any 3D sense of things right into 5D magic. So use your Highest Minds to ascend to a position where you can change WHAT you see by allowing in higher consciousness.

At 9:05am the Sun at 23:50 Capricorn Conjuncts Mercury Retrograde at 23:50 Capricorn,

This meeting is called their Inferior Conjunction and is the SEED time of a new cycle between the Sun and Mercury. It is the PERFECT time for us to use Mercury’s aspects to Jupiter (a Higher Mind Planet) and the North Node (a Soulful point) to SEED a new 5D REALITY (Sun rules reality/real-time) around our public structures and careers.

As the Sun and Mercury connect, we will be speaking about our new ideas for structures to support all that we have been thinking.

What gets said this morning (really from Wed to Fri) is very significant to the next annual cycle. Write down what gets said to you or from you and see how you are seeding a new set of goals/intentions that move us into more 5D.

At 3:10pm Mercury Retrograde at 23:30 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 23:30 Virgo.

Fresh from the clarity from the Sun, and ON THE SAME DEGREE, Mercury makes a transitional 3D to 5D aspect to the North Node.

This aspect has been in effect since the Sun Trined the North Node at early this morning. This 4-way aspect is keeping Mercury from falling into 3D thoughts and ideas so that our 5D reality can begin to get set in place. With this Trine, our lower minds will not be able to block out the Soulfulness of the North Node and Mercury will be in an upgraded status to receive new 5D ideas. Mercury’s words will be about soulful service so watch what gets expressed here.

At 9:15pm Mercury Retrograde at 23:10 Virgo Trines Jupiter Retrograde at 23:10 Virgo.

Now any old ideas that Mercury might be trying to hold onto will simply blow up with helium and leave the gravity of his 3D mind to achieve higher consciousness breadth and depth. Mercury rules the 3D, anal mind of Virgo, but Jupiter has been keeping Virgo energy from being too anal since August. Now as he Trines the ruler of the Sign of Virgo, he is also elevating the perspective of our lower mind…. thank goodness!! We don’t need MORE work   as a part of our new philosophy, we need more service that really is effective in the big scheme of things. Mercury will be able to voice this new philosophy in some way today so watch what gets said and pay close attention to it! It will be a major milestone in our elevated, 5D way of being.

On Friday, Mercury Retrograde will move back to 22+ degrees Capricorn and Semi-Square Neptune. This will be an irritation that allows for an important adjustment to be made between our conscious mind (Mercury) and our subconscious mind (Neptune). It is at this point that we will begin to want (Venus) to see things differently.


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